Most Loved Posts in 2018 from Starts At Eight

Can you all believe I have been doing this Most Popular list since 2011! It is amazing to me what has remained popular and what new things have really resounded with people. From holiday specifics to helpful homeschool, this Most Loved Posts in 2018 has it all.

Most Loved Posts in 2018 from Starts At Eight is a collection of the most visited posts throughout the year. I have broken it down by most popular post each month as well as the most popular over the entire year! Everything from DIY Valentine's to a Christmas movie list, help with homeschooling high school and more!

Since it has worked for past Most Popular Posts, I am sticking with the format of breaking it down by the most popular one from each month and then giving the top 10 overall. Therefore, this year I am going to do the same with the Most Loved Posts in 2018 from Starts At Eight and share with you the most popular post of each month, that was written during that month.

Most Loved Posts in 2018 from Starts At Eight


DIY Valentine: Paper Heart Books from Starts At Eight are fun and easy to create and offer a variety of creative variances to alter colors and length of book.


This is a list of 75+ Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas from Starts At Eight for those of us in need of filling up an Easter Basket without the want or need of Easter candy!


Planning a 4 Day Homeschool Week from Starts At Eight includes reasons why you might choose to school 4 days a week as well as a method and printables for planning!


4 Year High School Plan FREE Spreadsheet Printable from Starts At Eight. FREE PRINTABLE 4 year high school plan in both Excel spreadsheet and printable pdf formats! Help your homeschool high school student plan their 4 years wisely. Seeing it over all 4 years helps you to ensure they are covering everything they need while avoiding cramming things in at the end!


Fulfilling Homeschool High School Health Credits from Starts At Eight is a how to guide including why to teach high school health, what topics are covered, and an extensive list of both secular and faith based homeschool high school health options.


This Super Shark Books Collection consists of books we have loved throughout the years as my son has grown from toddler to teen. Shark fiction, shark non-fiction, comics, poetry and more. If you have a shark lover you will want to Pin this one for later!


7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2018-2019 from Starts At Eight. This is our 3rd round of 7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum. We have old loves like Teaching Textbooks and Lightning Literature and new stuff such as our Timeline Based American History.


Homeschool Resources: Teaching Ancient Rome from Starts At Eight is a collection of printables, books, art, hands-on activities and more for teaching Ancient Rome in your homeschool.


Reading Eggs Reading Skills Workbooks {Mathseeds has them too!} Reading Eggs popular learning site now has workbooks too! Workbooks to teach reading skills and workbooks from the Mathseeds portion of their site for math skills! It's a great way to help your children learn in a fluid manner both on and offline! - A Review from Starts At Eight


Simple to Implement US Geography from Starts At Eight. Geography doesn't have to be complicated or boring. Here are some tips to make it Simple to Implement US Geography in your homeschool. Using just a few resources you can make it fun and easy to learn US Geography.


Christmas Movie Lineups from Starts At Eight. Here is a collection of Christmas Movie Lineups from all your favorite major network channels such as Hallmark, Netflix, AMC, Lifetime, Amazon Prime and more! View schedules, previews, summaries and more!


American History Timeline Resources: Slavery, The Civil War & Reconstruction includes resources, books, videos, and projects for studying this time period in American History. Travel the Underground Railroad, Map the battles of The Civil War, meet Abraham Lincoln and more.

Most Loved Posts for all of 2018

  1. FREE Printable Reading Logs
  2. Homeschool Math Curriculum: CTC Math vs. Teaching Textbooks
  3. 10 Kid Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Movies
  4. Gifts for Teen Boys: Easy Buys Under $30
  5. New York State Homeschool Paperwork
  6. World Geography Scavenger Hunt: South America – FREE Printable
  7. Cooking Basics for Teens
  8. Skeletal System: Hands-On Learning Resources
  9. Life Skills: Using the Library – Dewey Decimal System
  10. Time Management for Teens

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