75+ Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

It seems as though every holiday we celebrate comes with its own plethora of customized food and candy. From Halloween to Easter the candy holidays just keep rolling in! There is good news though, if you are in need of Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas then you are in the right place!

This is a list of 75+ Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas from Starts At Eight for those of us in need of filling up an Easter Basket without the want or need of Easter candy!

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

There are many reasons why you might want to keep candy out of the Easter Basket this year. Maybe you have children with allergies or food sensitives, maybe your family is junk food free or maintains a diet that wouldn’t include candy, or maybe you’re just sick and tired of all the candy! The latter would be true in my case as you would in my house that much of the Halloween candy is still hidden away in a bag and will get thrown out when Halloween comes around again.

Artsy Items

  • coloring books
  • markers/crayons
  • fun pens
  • stickers
  • stamps & stamp pads
  • art project kit
  • water color paints
  • journal
  • glitter or glitter glue
  • Washi tape
  • fabric paint
  • dry erase markers and books or small board

Outdoor Fun

  • bubbles
  • bubble blower or unique bubble maker
  • sand toys
  • sidewalk chalk
  • water gun
  • water balloons
  • frisbee
  • beach towel
  • flip flops
  • gardening tools (with a cute caddy or apron)
  • giant bouncy ball
  • jax
  • pool float
  • pool noodles
  • swim goggles
  • bike accessories (helmet, knee pads, streamers, decals)
  • roller blades/skates
  • kite
  • jump rope
  • hula hoop
  • balls (soccer, basketball, football, bouncy balls)
  • hacky sack
  • paddleball

General Toys

  • Legos
  • dress up clothes
  • toy cars or trucks
  • Play doh
  • Mad Libs
  • trading cards
  • puzzles
  • board games (Travel sized work great for Easter Baskets!)
  • yo-yo
  • slinky
  • magic kit
  • glow sticks or bracelets
  • flashlight
  • magic grow toys
  • punch balloon
  • stuffed animal
  • temporary tattoos
  • dice
  • silly putty or supplies to make their own slime
  • building blocks
  • doll clothes
  • kinetic sand
  • Nerf gun or accessories

Bath & Beauty

  • nail polish
  • hair accessories (clips, rubber bands, head bands, etc)
  • bubble bath
  • bath crayons
  • bath fizzys
  • socks
  • lip gloss
  • body spray
  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • colorful water bottle
  • slippers
  • pjs
  • fun t-shirt
  • themed (character) band-aids
  • necklace
  • bracelet
  • watch

Other Items

  • gift cards
  • books (comic, chapter, board, educational)
  • dollar bill or plastic Easter eggs with change in them
  • ear buds
  • phone case
  • book mark
  • dvds
  • umbrella
  • colorful rain boots

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