Starts At Eight: Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2011

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I saw Mama Jenn post her Top Ten Most Popular and I couldn’t help but wonder what mine were. I don’t often look in the analytics part of my blog, but my curiosity was piqued. I am including the Top Ten most visited posts in 2011 (even if they were not written in 2011). I am not including pages on my blog like Our Homeschool Room or Our Curriculum (although these were right up there in my most visited list). So without further adieu here are the Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2011:

#10 The Schwa Sound

#9 Life Cycle – Caterpillar to Butterfly

#8 “The Baby”

#7 Book Review: 13 Reasons Why

#6 Kids Are NOT Just Mini-Adults (Brain Development)

#5 The Periodic Table Rap

#4 Teaching the Color Wheel

#3 Hip Homeschool Hop ~ 10-12-10 ~ Cells & DNA

#2 Random Things Learned on Our Trip to Florida

#1 50 States Postcard Swap