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Since entering the homeschool high school years with my first child, I have done a lot of research and learning.  There are so many things to think about and so many options to choose from!

Breaking things down into more manageable steps can help to keep the process from feeling totally overwhelming.  Today I want to pass along something that has helped me by offering a FREE Printable Pack: Plan Your High School Electives to my subscribers.

Plan Your High School Electives: Free Printable Pack from Starts At Eight

Plan Your High School Electives Printable Pack is a neat version of what I “created” in my own personal notebook.  I use the word “created” lightly when it comes to my notebook because it is my brain dump of everything and not necessarily as neat or organized as one would like! 😉  It really helped me to narrow the field in an aspect of high school that felt extremely vast and unmanageable.

What is Included in Plan Your High School Electives Free Printable Pack:

Plan Your High School Electives is a 3 step process of research, conversations with your teen, and a narrowing down of choices and how you will fulfill them.

  1. Step One: Checklist of High School Electives Options – an extensive list of options to think about and check off ones you and your teen feel could be possible options
  2. Step Two: Top 10 Electives to Explore – question to help you narrow the field of options, along space for keeping track of possible resources, curriculum, classes, etc.
  3. Step Three: Final Elective Choices – the final choices your teen will be engaging in along with course descriptions, number of credits and a resource list

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