Starts At Eight Top 10 Most Popular Posts 2015

As I looked back through my archives to begin this post I was surprised to find I have been doing this Most Popular list since 2011! It is amazing to me what has remained popular and what new things have really resounded with people. In the first half of this year I was incredibly on top of content and sharing, then life stepped in and I haven’t had as much time to spend here at Starts At Eight as I would have liked. Hopefully in 2016 I will find my One Word – Balance, and be able to get more done.

Starts At Eight Top 10 Most Popular Posts 2015

I really liked what I did last year with My Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2014, breaking it down by the most popular one from each month and then giving the top 10 overall. Therefore, this year I am going to do the same and share with you the most popular post of each month, that was written during that month.

Most Popular Posts 2015


Meal Planning for the Homeschool Family from Starts At Eight



5 Fun Ways to Learn Countries & Capitals from Starts At Eight



Historical Fiction Learning History Through Literature from Starts At Eight


World Geography Scavenger Hunt Printables North & Central America from Starts At Eight


Resources for Learning Multiplication Tables from Starts At Eight


Teaching Life Skills: Typing - Keyboarding Resources from Starts At Eight


Help Limiting Kids Screen Time with FREE Printable List from Starts At Eight


Why You Should Track Teen Reading from Starts At Eight


Historical Fiction for the American Revolution from Starts At Eight


The United States Court System: A Unit Study - Part II from Starts At Eight


7 Things You Should Never Say to Those That Homeschool High School from Starts At Eight


What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Homeschooling High School from Starts At Eight

Top Posts for the Year

  1. Time Management for Teens
  2. Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax Resources and Printables
  3. Exploring Possible Elective Courses for High School
  4. Meal Planning for the Homeschool Family
  5. New York State Homeschool Paperwork
  6. Cotton Ball Sheep Craft + Sheep Facts
  7. World Geography Scavenger Hunt: North & Central America FREE Printable
  8. 10+ Gifts for Horse Loving Girls
  9. Harold and the Purple Crayon Unit – Discussion Questions & Activities
  10. 4 Year High School Plan – FREE Printable Spreadsheet

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