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Food Drive

This is a page we are setting up for an annual neighborhood food drive that we started in 2009.  Every year on Martin Luther King day we collect food to donate to Foodlink.  Each year we make plans and set goals to increase our reach.

We started in 2009 with 33 lbs, which grew to 74 lbs in 2010, and then grew to 302 lbs in 2011, and last year totaled 298lbs (we were disappointed but due to some family issues we were unable to do any preparation for the food drive).  Our hope is to increase into other surrounding neighborhoods this year (2013).  This is a page we plan to develop to keep people informed of our story and up to date on our goals.

Please click on the year links below to see what our drive was like in each of those years.





2013 Food Drive


Food Drive 2014

While I have not had time to update each and every year of our food drive, we have in fact done it each and every year!

This year we collected the most food we have collected, coming in at 515 lbs!

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