Simplify Christmas Using Categorized Gift Tags: Shop Easier, Spend Less, Find Joy

Christmas shopping and giving can become overwhelming, over done, and over spent. I recently stumbled upon an idea for slimming down the Christmas buying that I think I can get behind. With a few modifications and a bunch of ideas I present to you this idea: Simplify Christmas Using Categorized Gift Tags: Want, Need, Wear, Read.

Simplify Christmas Using Categorized Gift Tags: Want - Need - Wear - Read from Starts At Eight. Christmas shopping/giving can become overwhelming, over done, and over spent. Try to Simplify Christmas Using Categorized Gift Tags: Want, Need, Wear, Read.

It’s funny how things have a way of working themselves out. I actually saw this idea a year ago, started a post about it, and then left it to sit until this year. Since we just purchased a horse for our youngest and my husband got a new motorcycle, we were talking about how the two of them wouldn’t be getting much for Christmas as those are big items. Then I open up my blog two weeks later and find this post waiting for me to finish.

Needless to say, my Christmas just got a WHOLE LOT EASIER with this!

Simplify Christmas Using Categorized Gift Tags

1. Want

Besides the fact that my youngest just got a horse, my other kids WANT bigger ticket items this year. My problem – It’s always hard for me to not have the tree filled with presents though!

It’s time for a mindset change this year! My kids are clothed, fed, bathed, have central air, extra curricular activities throughout the year, etc. They have ENOUGH. They aren’t in real need of anything. It is ok that the tree won’t be overflowing with gifts. In fact, I think this will be a fun twist for them.

2. Need 

Like I said before, NEED is a tough one. I am not sure how much my children actually NEED, but I am sure I can come up with something! I know one year I bought themed sheets sets that would be a good thought for this!

The need could also be something to go with the want. For example, they want a toy kitchen, so the need would be the plastic groceries for the kitchen – or the want would be an iPod and so the need would be an otter box for it … that type of thing.

3. Wear

This could be clothes, jewelry, accessories. In our case, each year I used to buy Christmas pjs for each kid (and husband) to wear while we opened presents. The past two years as they have gotten older (and my husband has more Christmas pj bottoms than he knows what to do with) I started buying Buffalo Bills gear for each of them as that is our team!

4. Read

I love to read, and have always encouraged my kids in this direction. They will often ask for books on their own, but I always keep my eyes and ears open for trends in the books they are enjoying so I can find something that suits them at the time.

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You could also stretch this out all year long with gift subscriptions to magazines! Maybe buy the first one off the newsstand for them to open along with a card that tells them they will be getting their next one in the mail!

Looking for book ideas? Check out my Reading List Pinterest Board for TONS of ideas!

The Printable Gift Tags that were my inspiration for this are from Thirty Hands Made Days. I also really like her suggestion of using a specific wrapping paper for each person!

The Extras

5. Stocking Stuffers

Beyond the initial 4 categories, I expanded it to include #5 & #6 because these are traditions we are not ready to give up. I always put some of their favorite candy in their stockings, along with socks (sometimes these are just their favorite plain crew socks and other times they are themed or colored or something), and usually one other small gift for each of them. Believe it or not they all look forward to the socks almost as much as the candy!

Last Minute Christmas Stocking Stuffers from Starts At Eight100 Stocking Stuffers for Teens from Starts At Eight

6. Santa Gift

My youngest is 11 and we finally gave up the ghost on the Santa thing, but none of my kids wanted to give up having something to open on Christmas morning so they asked if I could just keep aside a present I might already buy and hold it as their “Santa Gift” for Christmas morning. Apparently they have enjoyed the traditions we have set up in our home!

In our house we do our family Christmas on December 23rd, we have Christmas Eve with the extended family, and then Christmas morning is just their grandparents and us. It has been fun throughout the years to have Christmas stretched out a little bit!

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