100 Secular Homeschool Curriculum Options

Are you a secular homeschooler? Looking for non faith based homeschool curriculum? Then this list of 100 Secular Homeschool Curriculum Options is for you! Come take a look at all the options available for every subject and age!

This collection of 100 Secular Homeschool Curriculum Options from Starts At Eight includes secular curriculum options for math, science, history, English and more!

What Does Secular Mean?

I am going to try and start with a brief discussion of what secular means. I in no way claim to be right, especially since I believe there is some gray area here. I simply hope to achieve the goal of allowing you to understand where I came from when creating this list. You should always look into each option you are considering for yourself to be sure it fits your ideas and values.

What secular means to one person, might be completely different to another. I suppose, like many things, there can be varying degrees of secular. For instance, when I wrote 10 Secular Science Curriculum Options for Your Homeschool, I more or less based my definition in terms of “not overtly Christian or Creation Based.” It was pointed out to me that this is an inaccurate accounting of what many of these programs are.  The point to be made was that just because it was not Creation based, did not automatically mean it was secular. There are science programs that don’t really teach Creation or Evolution and are considered to be neutral. I have also seen science texts that teach both (for this I don’t know if there is a term)! But what is secular enough for one may not be so for others.

10 Secular Science Curriculum Options from Starts At Eight

So please take note that I may be more lax in my terms of secular than you (or maybe I am more strict than you), my only aim here was to put together a collection of resources that are (in my opinion) secular (not faith based).

100 Secular Homeschool Curriculum Options

  1. Acellus Homeschool Services – Grades K-12
  2. A History of Us by Joy Hakim
  3. All About Reading
  4. All About Spelling
  5. America The Story of Us – See how we used this for High School American History
  6. Art Achieve
  7. A Young People’s History of the United States
  8. Big Fat Notebook American History & Big Fat Notebook World History – Middle School History
  9. Big Fat Notebook Math – Middle School
  10. Big Fat Notebook Science – Middle School
  11. Big Fat Notebook English Language Arts  – Middle School
  12. Big History Project
  13. BookShark – PreK-8
  14. Brave Writer
  15. Build Your Library – K-10
  16. Calvert School – Prek-12
  17. CK12.org – a library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards, and more for grades K-12
  18. Connections Academy – Online public school for grades K-12
  19. Crash Course Anatomy
  20. Crash Course Astronomy
  21. Crash Course Biology
  22. Crash Course Chemistry
  23. Crash Course Ecology
  24. Crash Course Economics
  25. Crash Course Government
  26. Crash Course Literature
  27. Crash Course Psychology
  28. Crash Course U.S. History
  29. Crash Course World History
  30. Crash Course World History II
  31. CTC Math 
  32. Discovery K12 – Online (non common core) homeschool platform & curriculum for PreK-12th grade
  33. DK Books – science, history
  34. Duolingo – FREE language learning
  35. Draw Write Now – A drawing and handwriting course for elementary kids
  36. Easy Grammar – Grades 2-12+
  37. Elemental Science – Classical Science for grades PreK-12
  38. Famous Artists Online Unit Study Volume 1 & Famous Artists Online Unit Study Volume 2
  39. Five in a Row– PreK- 6th grade literature based learning
  40. Glenco World History – Journey Across Time
  41. Global Village School
  42. Growing with Grammar
  43. Handwriting Without Tears
  44. History Odyssey by Pandia Press (We used the Level 3 American History that uses a free online text as the spine)
  45. Holt McDougal Biology
  46. Holt McDougal Chemistry
  47. Holt McDougal Earth Science
  48. Holt McDougal Health
  49. Holt McDougal Environmental Science
  50. Holt McDougal Physical Science
  51. Holt McDougal Physics
  52. HM Civics
  53. HM Economics
  54. HM Geography
  55. HM Government
  56. HM Psychology
  57. HM Sociology
  58. HM US History
  59. HM World History
  60. Horrible History book series (also a TV series from BBC)
  61. Houghton Mifflin World History
  62. Intellego Unit Studies – K-12
  63. JumpCourse – High School online courses and CLEP Prep
  64. Khan Academy – K-12
  65. Laurel Springs – K-12 A private, online school
  66. Life of Fred Math – K-12
  67. Lightning Literature – Grades 1-12
  68. Math Mammoth
  69. Math U See (main curriculum)
  70. Minquon Math – K-3
  71. Moving Beyond the Page – A complete homeschool curriculum
  72. Mr. D Math
  73. Mr. Q Classic Science Curriculum – Get the entire 36 week Life Science Text FREE!
  74. Next Level Homeschool – Science & history (Includes the Popular Harry Potter Genetics Course!)
  75. Oak Meadow – Grades K-8
  76. Prentice-Hall Science Explorer Series – Life, earth and physical science
  77. Rainbow Resources – Secular Options
  78. Real Science Odyssey – Grades 1-9
  79. Right Start Mathematics
  80. Rosetta Stone
  81. Saxon Grammar and Writing
  82. Saxon Math Homeschool
  83. ShillerMath – Montessori Math for grades K-8
  84. Singapore Math – K-8
  85. Singapore Science – Grades 1-10
  86. Soaring with Spelling
  87. SpeedyPrep – Grades 9-12 online CLEP test preparation
  88. Speekee Spanish – Elementary Spanish
  89. Steve Spangler Science – Grades K-8
  90. Supercharged Science – Grades 1-12
  91. Teaching Textbooks – K-12
  92. Thinkwell – Grades 6-12
  93. Timberdoodle – Grades K-8 secular editions of their curriculum kits with religious reference removed or replaced
  94. Time4Language Arts
  95. Time4Learning – Online learning for grades PreK- 12
  96. Time4Math
  97. Time4Science
  98. Usborne History Books
  99. Winning with Writing
  100. Write Shop – K-12

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list (as I am not all knowing). If you have a secular curriculum that you’ve tried and loved, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know!