10 Secular Science Curriculum Options for Your Homeschool

When it comes to science most people find themselves on the Christian/creationism side, or the secular most likely evolution side. We have used some of each as I like to present my children with information about both views. So I have compiled a list of secular science curriculum options for you to choose from. They range from elementary options, all the way through high school.

10 Secular Science Curriculum Options for Your Homeschool from Starts At Eight

Secular Science Curriculum Options

1. Singapore Science – Offering science options for grades 1-10

2. Oak Meadow – K-8 and high school

3. ck12 – Free Curriculum (no labs)

4. R.E.A.L Science – Comes in two levels: 1st-5th and 5th-9th

5. Elemental Science – Based in the classical education style, this science curriculum has offerings for elementary, middle and high school

Homeschool Middle School Biology Options: R.E.A.L. Science vs. Elemental Science from Starts At Eight

6. Mr. Q – The Classic Science Curriculum is designed for elementary, middle and the newer Advanced levels for high school.

7.  Noeo Science – provides a quality homeschool science curriculum for elementary students, including award-winning experiment kits, fascinating books, and easy-to-use instructor’s guides.

8. CPO Science – Middle School (Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science), High School (Physical Science, Physics, Integrated Physical and Earth Science)

9. BioZone Biology – Includes courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science, and even AP.

10. Real Science-4-Kids – Elementary and Middle School science. NOTE: Real Science-4-Kids is worldview neutral, meaning that it doesn’t teach evolution, creationism, or intelligent design.

Elementary Homeschool Science Curriculum - Real Science-4-Kids from Starts At Eight

While elementary science seems easy to fulfill, and middle school is still manageable, it can sometimes be hard to tackle high school science. I always knew I was NOT going to set up a high school Chemistry lab in my house! While we easily did Biology with dissections at home, I chose to send her to the local community college for Chemistry. I did so after having covered the basics of chemistry in both elementary, middle school, and again with Integrated Physics and Chemistry in 9th grade.

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