5+ Reasons Teaching Textbooks Works for Struggling Math Students

Teaching Textbooks is a computer based math program for grades 3+.  It is a program I highly recommend if you have a student struggling in math and today I will tell you why.

5+ Reasons Teaching Textbooks Works for Struggling Math Students from Starts At Eight

I have been using Teaching Textbooks for four years now with my oldest daughter.  She began at Grade 7 and is now finishing Algebra II.  Here you can read about her math journey.

We loved Teaching Textbooks so much the first year that for the second year I switched to it for my son as well.  He has completed grades 5-7.  While he has never really struggled in math, I prefer the way Teaching Textbooks is set up so I decided to use it with him as well.

7 Reasons Teaching Textbooks Works for Struggling Math Students:

1. Repetition

Teaching Textbooks offers an ample amount of repetition for the student who needs to see it more, and practice it more.  Each lesson offers sample problems that they go through with the program, and then practice problems for them to work through on their own.

2. It’s Audio, Visual, and Interactive

Teaching Textbooks is a computer based video program.  You see the problems and solutions being worked out on the screen, you hear the instructor walking you through each one of the problems, and during the sample questions you are interacting with the program to fill in portions of each problem.  Teaching Textbooks also offers a paper book version if your student would like it in that form as well.

Given all these ways to learn the material, Teaching Textbooks not only works for multiple types of learners, but also offers great reinforcement by using so many different types of learning strategies.

3. Ease of Reference

You can easily go back to all video lessons in Teaching Textbooks.  For example when my son is struggling with a concept and has questions, I will simply ask him, “What lesson is that from?”  He instantly knows and goes back to that lesson to review the concept.  He is then able to complete the problem in front of him after having reviewed the steps in the process.

4. Thorough Solutions for EVERY Problem

All Sample Problems as well as Practice Problems that are assigned have thorough solutions.  Each problem offers you the option of viewing the solution.  The solution is then presented visually and with spoken steps from the instructor.

5. Extra Chances

Each problem offers your student two chances before marking it wrong.  For a child that struggles this is so helpful.  Often my daughter will realize she has made a silly error, or maybe she chose between two different routes and knowing one was wrong, then tries the other.

After either completing the problem or getting it wrong, Teaching Textbooks offers your student the option of viewing the solution which I mentioned in #4.

6. Self Paced

While Teaching Textbooks is set up as a one year per book math curriculum, you have the flexibility to shorten or lengthen that time.  Each lesson is graded and logged as your student works through them.  My daughter will sometimes break in the middle of a lesson because it is particularly hard or frustrating to her.  She can easily go in and continue when she is ready.

You can do multiple lessons a day, or only a couple each week.  When our daughter has struggled through a section we even have the option of going in and deleting the grades so she can do tough lessons over again.

Teaching Textbooks has offered our family the chance for me to be more hands off with math, even with my daughter who struggles in math.  The program is easy for a student to use and complete on their own, and as of right now all but their pre-Calculus has automated grading so you don’t have to do any of their grading either!

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