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Memorize English Grammar

Memorize English Grammar

I was just having a conversation with some homeschool moms about trivia and knowing facts. As I sat and talked about all the little jingles, rhymes and songs I used to teach my children things like the American Presidents, Periodic Table, Parts of Grammar, and more I realized how much those things help! Taking the time to memorize English grammar basics will really help your child along with sentence structure, writing, and comprehension skills.

The Ultimate Guide of Things to Memorize: Memorize English Grammar from Starts At Eight. Make writing easier by committing the basics to memory! Things like pronouns, helping verbs, poetry, Shakespeare and more! Includes resources to learn about and help memorize the terms. Use in your homeschool for elementary, middle school, and high school

Memorize English Grammar

English Grammar

My 5th grade daughter recently asked me about helping verbs. She was working on her Growing with Grammar and needed to use helping verbs, only she didn’t know them by heart. When my other two were younger I used First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind and in that moment with my youngest, I was regretting not having used it with her. Why? Because it did a fabulous job of helping kids to memorize grammar basics.

Review of First Language Lessons from Starts At Eight

Other options for English Grammar Memorization

  1. Prepositions
  2. Pronouns
  3. To Be Verbs
  4. Also check out English Grammar 101: All You Need to Know for tons of memorization ideas



Poetry ranks up there with music as an easier method of memorization. Whether you are memorizing classic poetry or poetry created to help you learn something else, it is a great place to start with memorization.

There are endless amounts of poetry to choose from. While I will list some options here, I highly recommend using popular classic poetry, favorite children’s poems, or poems about things of interest to your children to get started.

Shel Silverstein is a fun and kid friendly poetry author to memorize from.

Here is a great list of classic poets and poetry resources:

High School Literature List ~ Authors of Poetry from Starts At Eight


I have spent a great deal of time amassing resources for learning/teaching Shakespeare to kids of all ages. The earlier you start, the easier it is!

5 Days of High School Shakespeare from Starts At EightShakespeare for Kids from Starts At EightTeaching Shakespeare with Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare from Starts At Eight

Beyond the resources above I am currently in possession of How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig and personally think this book is the KEY to teaching and memorizing Shakespeare with kids. Be on the look out for my FULL review coming soon!


Ultimate Guide of Things to Memorize

The Ultimate Guide of Things to Memorize from Starts At Eight. Memorization is an important key to learning. I have compiled lists of things to memorize and broken them down my categories. Memorize facts from math and science, memorize famous documents and quotes from history, memorize states, capitals and more from the geography list, and memorize the basics of English grammar too! These Memorization Lists are great for homeschool all ages - Elementary, Middle School & Homeschool High School!

Within each one of these categories are included lists of things to memorize as well as resources for helping your children memorize them. Be sure to check the landing page for an awesome Tracking Sheet!

Stay tuned each week as I add a new category rich with lists and resources!

  1. Simplify Science with Memorization– categories, formulas, laws and more!
  2. It Helps to Memorize History – to include things like Presidents, history timelines, speeches, and documents
  3. Memorizing Math Facts– basic facts and formulas
  4. Guide to Memorizing Geography – to include land forms, countries, states and capitals
  5. Memorize English Grammar – to include poetry, Shakespeare, grammar rules (this post)

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