Ultimate Guide of Things to Memorize

I grew up memorizing math facts by flash cards and using songs to help me more quickly learns lists of facts and such. For this reason I have found it important for my children to have these things to memorize as well. When you know your math facts it is much easier to do higher level math. Plus memorization work is great for the mind!

The Ultimate Guide of Things to Memorize from Starts At Eight. Memorization is an important key to learning. I have compiled lists of things to memorize and broken them down my categories. Memorize facts from math and science, memorize famous documents and quotes from history, memorize states, capitals and more from the geography list, and memorize the basics of English grammar too! These Memorization Lists are great for homeschool all ages - Elementary, Middle School & Homeschool High School!

I have created this Ultimate Guide of Things to Memorize and broken it down into 5 categories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Maybe you want to just work on math memorization, or perhaps pick something from each category to be working on throughout the year! Either way, memorization work is a valuable component to add to your homeschool plans!

Ultimate Guide of Things to Memorize

Within each one of these categories are included lists of things to memorize as well as resources for helping your children memorize them.

Stay tuned each week as I add a new category rich with lists and resources!

  1. Simplify Science with Memorization– categories, formulas, laws and more!
  2. It Helps to Memorize History – to include things like Presidents, history timelines, speeches, and documents
  3. Memorizing Math Facts– basic facts and formulas
  4. Guide to Memorizing Geography – to include land forms, countries, states and capitals
  5. Memorize English Grammar – to include poetry, Shakespeare, grammar rules

Track Your Memorization Progress

I found this awesome Things to Memorize Planning and Tracking Sheet from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus!

Things to Memorize Planning Sheet

“I went ahead and made this both a tracking and planning form. So you have room to pen in the date, and check off the weeks you worked on a particular list or passage and then a place to categorize the type of memorization work done.

So plan and track from this one page. It has 20 lines so that is 20 weeks of school if you are having them memorize one list or passage a week which is a good pace. But use it how you like it if you have more memorization lists you want to include as I kept the form flexible.” ~ Tina

What things would you add to a “Things to Memorize” list?