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Homeschool High School Planning for The Kid Who “Just Wants to Get it Done”

While my oldest is schedule oriented like me, and had an easy time with organizing and filling in a planner, my son is just the opposite. He is my kid who wants to check his boxes and “just wants to get it done”. This has made handing over his homeschool high school planning more difficult for him (and me).

For his middle school years I created a Simple Homeschool Middle School planner. For 7th grade I just created a general weekly outline. That made it hard for me to be sure he was up to date on the lessons and chapters.

So for 8th grade I switched to using Post-It notes for each week to outline what he had to do. I put one in each week of his planner that listed the exact lessons and chapters he would need to complete that week.

Simple Homeschool Middle School Planner from Starts At Eight

My problem with those methods is that he was terrible about writing down each thing in his planner at all, let alone on the day he completed it. But let’s be honest, does it really matter which day? (Insert mom learning to let go of some of her rigidness in favor of a more flexible homeschooling style.)

Now I am creating a more simplified, checklist style plan for his 9th grade year. Hopefully it will be one that will work well enough to use through high school!

Homeschool High School Planning

Homeschool High School Planning for the kid who "Just Wants to Get it Done" from Starts At Eight. This is a no muss no fuss planning method for you and student planner for you child with FREE Weekly Assignments Checklist Style Planner Pages.

Alright, so now you’re asking, “What exactly is the plan“?

My plan is to use a variation of a weekly “to do” list and yearly curriculum planner as his planner for the year. I will lay out our plan for the year, breaking it down into weekly tasks.

For instance, like I do every year for my own planning purposes, I will break down the year into weeks, mark off our breaks and holidays, then number our weeks. If we have 5 days in a week it will be 5 lessons of math. If it is a short week then I would put less in.  For curricula that come with schedules it means week one in our planner = week one in the plan, and so on.

The Downside

For me the big downside in doing this is that he will not be completely independent with his high school planning. My goal was to use middle school as a transition period to more independent work. While he does his work independently, he still needs someone driving him to stay on task, and to remind him to keep track of what he is doing.

The other downside in this method of high school planning is that the upfront work is a little more for me. It means that I have to organize his planner by weeks, and physically list things out for each week. At least by doing this all up front (like I did with the Post-Its), it won’t be a task I am consumed with all year.

The Upside

Even though I am making a checklist style plan for him, he will have the flexibility to complete the work in the manner he chooses. For instance this year he has taken to batching his homeschool subjects (more on this coming soon in another post). It basically means he lumps multiple lessons of one subject on a given day instead of spreading it out over the whole week. This also means he does less subjects each day.

With a checklist style planner for each week he can easily check off what he has completed. Then I can see in one quick glance what he has completed and what is left.

The Planner

The planner I have created is in a simple weekly checklist format. I will do my planning right in his planner. That means I will write out the assignments for each day and week right in the checklist. Then each week there is a spot for him to mark things done, and a spot for me to mark things checked.

Homeschool High School Planning for the kid who "Just Wants to Get it Done" from Starts At Eight. This is a no muss no fuss planning method for you and student planner for you child with FREE Weekly Assignments Checklist Style Planner Pages.

Features of This Checklist Planner

  1. It is a week at glance.
  2. It is my homeschool planner and his student planner in one!
  3. He doesn’t have to write out every assignment.
  4. There is a distinct place for him to mark it done.
  5. There is a place for me to mark it checked. This means I have looked over it and am satisfied with his work. I can also add a grade right in the box or below for grading purposes.

This planner offers me the ease of homeschool high school planning and him the ease of “checking mom’s boxes” all in one simple package. I was so tired of having to look at the Post-Its and be upset with him because he had not rewritten each thing into his planner. While he is happy enough to do his schoolwork, he wants it as no muss no fuss as possible. Hopefully this will be everything I think it can be for us and our homeschool high school planning needs.

Download a FREE Version of my Weekly Assignments Checklist Style Planner

FREE Weekly Assignments Printable Planner Sheets from Starts At Eight.

This is a sample of my Weekly Assignments Checklist Planner. You can download 3 different files:

  1. Rainbow Weekly Assignments Planner Cover
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  3. Rainbow Weekly Assignments Checklist Planner Sheet 2

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What’s different about my FULL Weekly Assignments Checklist Style Planner?

  • The Planner Sheets are formatted for both the left and right side so you can print them to have a full week in view without loosing some of the side edge to hole punching or binding.
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  • The FULL version includes a Book Log sheet
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There are 3 versions of my FULL Weekly Assignments Checklist Style Planner:

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  1. Terri Torrez
    Aug 07, 2017 @ 07:05:05

    I wish I had an electronic tool that could be arranged weekly. Written planners aren’t an option, as my son is dysgraphic, and I need to be able to check on his progress online while I’m at work. We use Homeschool Planet, which works great on a daily basis but I’d like to start to transitioning my son to chunking out his own work weekly as well. Maybe if I did something like your post-it notes or a weekly master list, he could enter each day in HSP. But like your son, I fear he wouldn’t take that extra step. So much easier just to check things off.

  2. Heidi
    Aug 07, 2017 @ 08:52:53

    Have you looked at Homeschool Tracker? It has been years since I have used it but that was my go to when I was doing so much planning and scheduling for all 3 kids. You could plan and print out assignment sheets and when my oldest was in high school she had her own log in so she could go in and log what she had completed. She would take her assignment sheet at the end of the week and log into Homeschool Tracker. Your son could possibly have the paper assignment sheet and log on the computer every day instead of at the end of the week.

    I am definitely struggling to find a system that works for my son. He is so get in and get out!

  3. Joan
    Aug 07, 2017 @ 12:58:54

    Okay, one of my twin boys had the exact same sensibilities. He would get an entire semester of history or English or whatever done in a few weeks. And then move on to the next subject. It worked for him and he was doing his work so I kept my mouth shut. At 23 he is working in construction and perfectly happy never having gone to college. He taught me hard lessons, but ones worth learning.

  4. Heidi
    Aug 07, 2017 @ 14:16:10

    Joan, thank you so much for sharing your insight! I worry so much about where his life will go. I keep telling myself he will find what works for him.

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  7. Sharon Gore
    Dec 30, 2019 @ 12:16:18

    This is so great! I totally needed something to keep me organized and this will be perfect!

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