3 Things I Have Learned While Preparing To Homeschool High School

3 Things I Learned While Preparing to Homeschool Highschool from Starts At Eight

This year my oldest is in 8th grade and I am spending the year researching and preparing to homeschool high school years. I have endured even more looks and questions from naysayers concerning homeschooling high school than I ever have from just homeschooling in general!  You can find some of my thoughts tagged under High School. The earliest posts are where my thoughts began, and I am continuing to post things I am learning.

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to a series Homeschooled Through High School: Is it Possible? There are obviously many who have homeschooled high school before me and plenty of them have advice to offer, but what can I contribute to a series about homeschooling high school? I can contribute the journey of getting there, the thoughts I work through, the things I learned along the way.

Please head over to Something to Offer and read about the following 3 Things I Learned While Preparing To Homeschool High School:

1. The Unknown of High School Credits
2. Electives Are Easier to Accumulate Than You Think
3. Yes, You Too Can Complete Lab Sciences