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Felt DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Felt DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Welcome to Day Three of my 5 Days of DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids! Today is all about Felt DIY Christmas Ornaments.

Felt DIY Ornaments for Kids from Starts At Eight. Stock up on various colors of felt and make some of these Felt DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids! Trees, snow globes, angels, candy canes, bulbs and more!

We created one of these super fun ornaments ourselves (we still have the supplies for another but haven’t made it yet). Beyond that I have scoured the web to bring you some great felt DIY Christmas ornaments to try once you have your supply of felt in hand!

Felt DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Felt Bulb Ornaments




  • card stock (to create a pattern)
  • felt in various colors
  • embroidery floss (any color you want to go with the felt)
  • sharp pointed needle
  • ribbon (to make hangers)
  • fiber fill
  • scissors


  1. Use a piece of card stock to draw a pattern for the bulb part of the ornament and a pattern for the gold top part.img_0136a
  2. Trace out two of each shape per ornament. (So you need to colored bulb parts and 2 gold top parts for each ornament)
  3. Cut out and lay together your shapes.
  4. Sew your two colored bulb pieces together, stopping just before you sew it shut.
  5. Stuff the bulb with fiber fill.img_0145a
  6. Place the gold tops on, holding it all together, begin by stitching a stitch to hold the bottom corner of the gold pieces to the colored bulb.
  7. Continuing sewing around the gold top piece – inserting your colored ribbon at the top to create the hanger.
  8. You are finished sewing when you have gone all the way around the gold top.

If you read my Yarn DIY Christmas Ornaments post you would know that I LOVED the hats! Well, I also LOVE these bulbs! Like the hats they are fairly easy to do and can be super colorful!

Button and Felt Snow Globe Ornaments

Button and Felt Snow Globe Ornament


  • white, blue and red felt
  • buttons
  • white paint (to paint the buttons)
  • white, brown and black embroidery floss
  • ribbon (white, red, or blue to create the loop to hang it)
  • printable patterns


I am still hoping to be able to do these ornaments ourselves! Since we haven’t yet, I linked you to the tutorial I was planning on using to make them!

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