Saving $’s and lbs. ~ Biweekly Meal Planning

A few years ago we found ourselves in an unhealthy, expensive food pattern. Most days I forgot to even think about dinner. Home with 3 small children for me meant taking one moment at a time and not looking too far ahead. That would leave my husband calling on his way home from work asking if I had taken anything out for dinner and me falling silent! 🙁 This was followed by either a last minute trip to the grocery store where you buy more than you need and don’t catch good sales, or some version of take out/ eating out. These habits are not very healthy and are very costly.

Saving $'s and lbs. - BiWeekly Meal Planning from Starts At Eight
As a solution we decided to try planning our meals out ahead of time (our dinners), and shopping accordingly. We started with a master list of meals that we like, with some being quick and easy, some requiring more cook time, etc. We have added things to our list as we find more things we like and that suit our busy time schedule. It is not high tech, it is literally a shopping list piece of paper on the side of our refrigerator.

Meal Planning Meal List

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