The “Not” Back To School Blog Hop ~ Week 2 ~ Our Homeschool Room 2012-2013

It is time for the 4th Annual “Not” Back To School Blog Hop! This week is School Room Hop where everyone is talking about and sharing picture of the space they call their “School Room”.

Since moving into our home in 2008 we have been so blessed to have our homeschool room. It is one of the features that we loved about this house. The kitchen, eating area and “homeschool room”, all flow together. I know many do not need or believe in the need for a designated room, and that is great for them. There are a couple of reasons why I felt the need to have one. First off, I wanted everything in one place. Moving about from room to room to find our resources, sit at a desk, print something, etc just got to be so irritating in our old house. The second reason I love having a designated space is because we can leave things out. No more clearing the table from breakfast to have room to work, or having to try and move work off the table so we can eat lunch.

At the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year we added a plethora of book shelves which included file box storage space to our room. I just didn’t have enough shelf space to store all our books (this is not including the bins of curriculum books that are put away for future use). Plus we were given a ton of craft supplies from my sister-in-law who was cleaning out her craft room and I needed a place to store all these wonderful items!

Somewhere during the year we also upgraded Ava from her kids table to a used kitchen table. It allows not only her to have space but the rest of us as well. It has a leaf that we keep in storage which is great to add during project arts/crafts time when we need a larger area to work on. But normally it is left at its small size for Ava to work there in her own space as she gets more than a little worked up if her space is infringed upon!

Please stop in to my Our Homeschool Room page to see the rest of the photos of our room.