Review: HomeArtStudio ~ Third Grade

Before beginning the 2011/2012 school year I spent a great deal of time researching art for my children. It is not on my list of strong subjects, thus I need something to hold my hand and help me out. I did find some things, and worked on some projects with the kids this year. Then I was given the opportunity to review HomeArtStudio’s Third Grade DVD Curriculum Course.

From the website: Third grade students are guaranteed to have a great year of art! The theme for the year is “be creative”, and students are encouraged to express themselves creatively through their art. Students will learn the principles and elements of art, while creating 16 beautiful and fun projects. Some of the many concepts taught are light and shadow, tint and shade, overlapping, texture, and perspective. Students will also learn about art appreciation through analysis of famous pieces of artwork. Ms. Volin will introduce students to various artists from Picasso to Van Gogh and many others. Unleash your child’s creative spark!

HomeArtStudio came along at the end of our school year, giving me a chance to spend some focus time on viewing it, prepping for it, and implementing it…. or so I thought! Let me explain.

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