Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Week 7 ~ Rake The Leaves ~ 10/19/12

Quote For The Week:

Monday/Tuesday:  We started digging in to our Elections Unit Study this week.  We are using Amanda Bennett’s Election 2012 as a base and stemming point.  I have been surprised to find some great resources on YouTube to help with some of the major concepts.  Last week I created and posted, Mostly Free Election 2012 Resources.  These are so many of the books, videos, websites, and games we have found engaging while on our journey to learn about our election process.

Wednesday:  Today we were able to take joy in one of those rare moments that you want to freeze in time.  We had a light day of math, grammar, and instruments so that we could do some shopping, and have lunch with Poppy and Gommy.  What we didn’t plan for was the beautiful weather!

Ava has been obsessed with raking leaves this year.  The problem with this is that we don’t have any leaves to speak of in our own yard.  Lucky for us we have some fantastic neighbors and they have leaves we can freely play in.  Ava was thrilled to have nice weather, and free time so that we could rake and play in the leaves.


Session 4: Choosing a destination

In the Star Theater:
See “Alien Worlds,” our show about the search for planets orbiting other stars, featuring the Kepler space telescope project

In the lobby:
Using the astronomical unit (AU, the distance from Sun to Earth), lay out a scale model of distances in our solar system, then consider distances to nearby stars at the same scale

Measure the period of a indoor transiting “planet”