Mostly FREE Election Resources

Over the past month or so I have been keeping my eyes open for Election 2012 resources. Of course there are many more than I could ever account for, but I have compiled a small list of my favorite, mostly free election resources that I am using with my children (ages 13, 9, & 6).

* Types of Government I found this quick and easy breakdown of the major types of governments to be helpful in talking to the kids about the type of government we have. This along with the video down lower about Electing a US President in Plain English were great used together.

* BrainPop Games – Win The White House

* Oklahoma Homeschool – 12 Week Elections Unit

* Time for Kids

* Full Video of the Presidential debate discussing domestic policy

* Full Video of the Vice-Presidential debate on 10/11/12

* From How To Become President of the US FREE poster and lots of information

* From C-SPAN Classroom great FREE printable Electoral College Map poster and lots of information

* New York Times article Ten Ways to Teach About Election Day

* Scholastic Classroom Magazines – Election 2012

* I want to put in an extra plug for this book, Woodrow for President. We borrowed it from the library with a stack of others, but this one stood out to me. It has a rhyming, lyrical rhythm to it which makes the flow nice. The thing I love most is how it takes so many of the terms related to the election process and not only uses them, but explains them in an easy to understand manner. This is one I can see using over and over again as we learn about the election process.

* Electing a US President in Plain English: This is another resource that I just loved. The graphics are simple, and the process is spelled out in an easy manner to understand. My 9 year old asked me to e-mail him the link so he could watch it on his own.

*Disney Educational Productions: Electoral College video from 2008. This is longer than the one above and little more in depth, but also simple and easy to understand.