Top 10 Favorite Homeschooling Sites {Resources, Printables, Support & More}

When I started blogging in 2009 I had know idea what I would soon find on the Internet! I couldn’t believe the wealth of homeschool knowledge, connection, and support I would find! I originally wrote this Top 10 Favorite Homeschooling Sites list in 2012. Wow! How the time flies! So much has grown and changed in my life since then, but I was surprised to find how many of my Top 10 still ring true.

Top 10 Favorite Homeschooling Sites from Starts At Eight is a list of homeschooling sites you will frequent time and time again for homeschool curriculum, printables, knowledge, and support.

While I don’t frequent some of these sites like I used, mostly because my kids have grown and changed, I look at this list of Top 10 Favorite Homeschooling Sites and find that most are still “must visit” sites for homeschoolers. They offer printables, curriculum and personal support for homeschoolers.

Top 10 Favorite Homeschooling Sites

This Top 10 Favorite Homeschooling Sites list is in no particular order. I find great value in each and every one of them, and find myself directing many homeschoolers to them for homeschool resources, knowledge, support, and advice. Be sure to stayed tuned to the end for my Blogs to Read if you are Homeschooling Middle School, and Blogs to Read if you are Homeschooling High School!

Number One: The Curriculum Choice

This site helps you take the guess work out of selecting curriculum by offering up tons of homeschool curriculum reviews. With a host of authors (including myself) you will find varied perspectives and endless amounts of reviews.

Number Two: Hip Homeschool Moms

This a great place to connect with other homeschool moms, read lots of encouraging and informative homeschool related articles. They also have a huge Facebook Community that includes multiple groups for things like Middle/High School, Buying/Selling Curriculum and more!

Number Three: Enchanted Learning

I have been using Enchanted Learning since I started homeschooling almost 7 years ago. I have not only created countless unit studies using all of Enchanted Learning’s printables and information, but I have supplemented almost everything else with it! From dinosaurs and geography, to the solar system and bugs, Enchanted Learning has much to offer. At a low cost of $20/year it is an invaluable, cross-curricular, inexpensive resource! {I still can’t believe that have kept it at $20 all these years later!}

Number Four: The Handbook of Nature Study

I have only recently (2012) come across Handbook of Nature Study, but it has come one of my most frequented sites! With the weather turning nicer here, and a need to break up the routine here, we have switched to lots of nature study time. This site is free and invaluable when it comes to activity suggestions, and information on nature studies. They also offer many of their studies in ebook format with additional notebook pages bonuses if you would like them altogether, outside of the blog format.

Now (2019) Barb has compiled her nature studies into ebooks, she also has a membership site where you can have access to everything. Or you can even sign up to receive her monthly newsletter containing nature study ideas, notebook pages, resource ideas, articles by Outdoor Hour Challenge participants, product reviews, and so much more!

Number Five: Currclick

Homeschool Black Friday Deals - Currclick

Where would we be without Currclick? Every week they offer sales and freebies of a variety of homeschool goodies. Find history, science, literature, math and more! Their site is easy to navigate by age, subject, or even publisher.

Number Six: Homeschoolshare

Homeschoolshare is full of unit studies and lapbooks for all ages. From Eric Carle for the little ones to Botany and Explorers for the middle school and up group. What is even better is that it is all FREE! They also have a fun blog with tips and giveaways.

Number Seven: Unit

This site and unit studies were formerly known as Amanda Bennett Unit Studies. I can’t even begin to tell you how many of these we own and have used throughout the years. From 1 week Download & Go unit studies for the K-4 set, to 4 week in-depth studies for the K-12 (they include multiple levels), there is something for everyone. On topics from Chocolate & Popcorn, to a Geography Series, they are varied enough for everyone to find something that interests them. We have loved both the 1 and 4 week units alike, finding that each has a time and place in our studies.

Number Eight: Free Homeschool Deals

This is probably the newest site on my list, coming to us in April of 2012. But I do believe it is becoming one of the most popular as who doesn’t love a good FREE deal! There are MANY MANY free kindle finds here as well as other homeschool freebies.

Even now this site is packed with FREEBIES! They have tons of round ups on practically anything you can think of. Each one packed with links to FREE resources for learning about that subject.

Number Nine: You ARE An Artist

Art, art, and more art! From FREE Video Tutorials both on Facebook and the website, to a membership site offering endless amounts of art tutorials. You can find tons of holiday themed art, nature study, history and more!

Number Ten: The Well-Trained Mind

Not only this site, but this book has been a cornerstone for me. I believe in many of the staples of a classical education, and this is the place to find resources and support. This book sat on my nightstand for the first bunch of years I was homeschooling. I find so much support and advice, as well as much of the curriculum I used here. The Well Trained Mind Press offers curriculum in most subjects, has an online community, and even an online Academy for middle and high school!

Blogs To Read If You Are Homeschooling Middle School from Starts At EightBlogs to Read If You Are Homeschooling High School from Starts At Eight

The Big Book of Homeschooling

To get tons of great advice, and move beyond the basics of academics, pick up a copy of The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas. Some topics included are things like active learning, learning with video games, helping teens/tween become independent learners (one of my chapters), teaching on the road, learning with movies, high school literature (one of my chapters), and gardening.

This book can carry you through all your years of homeschooling, covering the stages your children will mature through: preschoolers, elementary grades, middle school, and high school. As your life situation changes, you will find new chapters that apply to you. You can view the full table of contents to see all 103 topics!

If you would like to purchase a PRINT Copy that option is now available via Amazon!! The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas – Print Copy

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