Review: Six Sister’s Stuff Cookbook ~ Family Recipes, Fun Crafts and So Much More!

If you know me even just a little, chances are you know that cooking is not high, more like way down at the bottom, of the list of things I like to do. Don’t mistake that for meaning that I do not cook, because I do. On average I would say I put a meal on the table 5 days a week. The other two are usually covered by my husband cooking, a left over night, or “Fishy Friday” with my parents.  We do our meal planning bi-weekly and often rotate the same things because they are quick and easy, tried and true.  While this is convenient, sometimes it would be nice to add something new.  In comes the offer to review this cook book!  Based on their brief summary of the book I was hooked!  I particularly like the part I put in bold, “ingredients commonly found in your pantry“.  I often find recipes or cookbooks with all too many things I don’t readily use or keep on hand which doesn’t help me to make new things with ease.

“Cook, craft, and create with recipes, projects, and ideas from the enormously popular blog Every recipe and project included in this book is quick, easy, and fun. More than 100 family-favorite recipes (including an entire section of slow-cooker recipes), use ingredients commonly found in your pantry. The crafts and home décor projects have easy-to-follow instructions with photographs and can be made with little or no money. We don t profess to be amazing chefs, they claim. We just know the importance of feeding our families a home-cooked meal and sitting down to eat it together. Our mom and dad taught us so many great values, and we are thankful that they instilled the importance of family time in our lives. Even the busiest of people can make the food and project ideas we share, which will give you even more time to spend with your family and loved ones. “

What We Made: So far we have made one dinner and two desserts.  We have another bi-weekly meal plan coming up and have another 2 or 3 dinners marked to try as well! Things like Creamy Slow Cooker Ranch Pork Chops 7 Potatoes and Parmesan Sesame Chicken Strips!

We started with the  Melt-in-Your-Mouth Slow Cooker Pot Roast.  It was surprisingly sweet to the taste, and incredibly tender!  The combination of cola and a few other things made a sauce that tasted oh so good with the carrots and potatoes as well.


For our Mother/Daughter Book Club my 13 year set out to make two desserts.  She, the kitchen, and 2 hours created Mini Oreo Cheesecakes, and the No-Bake Thin Mint Cookie Truffles. Both we easy enough for her to not only manage on her own, but to complete simultaneously in a fairly short amount of time.  Oh, and they were fabulous!  We should have made a double recipe of the cookie truffles though as that recipe made less and went fast!



What I Thought:  I agree wholeheartedly with their pitch about eating family meals together as often as possible.  While we already do that in our household, I am thrilled to have a cookbook with fresh, realistic recipes!  From the easily available ingredients to the beautiful large photos, and on to the quick to prepare delicious foods, this cookbook is a winner!  For all of us out there who are on the go and don’t have the time to slave away on meals these recipes are great tasting and easy to do!

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DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received this cookbook  for free to facilitate my review. My thoughts are my own and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.

4X4 dinner challenge

According to Pew Research, only about half of families make dinner a daily ritual and another third eat together a few times a week. Roughly one in 5 families (20%) eat together only occasionally or never. In conjunction with the book’s release, on March 4, 2013, has launched a 4×4 Dinner Challenge. Families are encouraged to eat together as a family at least four times a week for four weeks. Families can register online at and receive meal tips, ideas for family activities, and helpful recipes to assist in making this challenge a reality. You can also enter to win one of 2 cookbooks while you are registering! “We grew up knowing the importance of feeding our families a home-cooked meal and sitting down to eat it together,” said Camille, the oldest sister. “Even the busiest of people can make the food and project ideas we share, which will give you even more time to spend with your family and loved ones.

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