Merry Christmas ~ 2012



In our house we started a tradition many years ago of opening our presents with our children on December 23rd. The Christmas holiday was so packed with this aunt’s house and that relative’s house and so much running around that I felt we weren’t getting the special fun time just with our children. Even though Christmastime has slowed down for us, we have kept this December 23rd tradition.

We start with a spread of finger foods for dinner; things like mozzarella sticks, hand rolled pigs in a blanket, veggies, chicken nuggets, etc. The kids spread their blankets around on the living room floor and we eat picnic style. Then the kids each open one present, their new pjs, which we promptly all change into so that we can begin the festivities of present opening. We took close to 5 hours for this whole process. As the kids open a present they are really excited about, we stop to open it, get it set up, and let them enjoy it.

From our family to yours we hope that everyone has a wonderful and merry Christmas, filled with love and joy!