Homeschooling High School – Shouldn’t I Be More Nervous?

I know you all read that title with the expectation that I would have some sort of epiphany and clear cut answer for you, with lots to back it up….but I don’t! Instead I have a thought process, lots of talking and researching, and some possible resources……

Homeschooling High School: Shouldn't I Be More Nervous? from Starts At Eight

Another reason I feel my anxiety over homeschooling high school is unusually low is because I find a sense of calm from seeing that there isn’t just one means to the end. People often question how our children will graduate from high school and how they will get into college. I tell them it is likely my 3 will never really graduate from high school as at least here in NYS they won’t be issued an official diploma.

Having come from a path of public school, top of your class, immediately to college path, that is all I initially saw as the way to go. In stark contrast to that is my husband who never graduated from high school, ended up getting his GED, dabbling in a few college courses, but ultimately took Microsoft Courses and became MCSE Certified. We have seen with our own eyes where homeschool kids have taken courses at our local community college and then gone on to other four year schools to finish their degrees. Some kids choose to take their GED, and some don’t. Some sit for all the exams like Regents exams, ACT, SAT, etc, and some don’t. I guess what I am trying to point out is that if you didn’t dot an “i” or cross a “t” somewhere along the way, the doors aren’t shut forever. There are many paths and many options to get from homeschooling high school to college or life beyond.

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