Hands on Teaching: Coin Counting – Free Printable Worksheets

I have never found a method of teaching money that didn’t involve actual money! My kids always did best when they had the coins in their hands. From a young age kids are enthralled with coin money! Get them a Piggy Bank and they are on their way to saving and spending! Hands on teaching of coin counting is a simple and easy way to work with math and money with your children.

Hands On Teaching: Coin Counting from Starts At Eight

A little while back I posted our Piggy Bank Math sheet that I was using with Ava. She loved having the coins, deciding which ones she wanted to use, and then adding them up to see how much she had placed in the “bank”.

Coin Counting Worksheets

I created a pdf that includes all of our coin counting sheets. Each sheet has a space for how many of the particular coin (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) and a space to write how many cents they equal.

These are actually what I started with, when Ava began learning about money. We got out a stack of pennies, an empty coin counting sheet, and the coin reference sheet. After she was comfortable recognizing and counting pennies, we added nickels, dimes, and finally quarters.

I also included a sheet that you could print, have your child color, and then use as money to count if you didn’t want to give them real coins. We used it to color and keep out on the table as a reference sheet for her to compare her actual coins to. You could also purchase fake money or just use real coins like we do!

The other thing I have used over and over is found at Homeschool Math. Here they have an unlimited supply of printable money worksheets for counting US coins and bills. The worksheets are highly customizable and available in both PDF and html formats.

Ava continually asks to have more money counting sheets so this is a great resource to have on hand!

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