Teaching Life Skills: Chores

Many life skills can look an awful lot like chores. (Insert my sheepish grin here.) Therefore one way you can teach life skills to all of your children, at varying ages, is by giving them age appropriate chores to undertake.

Teaching Life Skills: Chores from Starts At Eight

Not sure what those age appropriate chores might be? That’s alright. Check out my list of chores by age. While doing so remember that every child is different and many of these can be done sooner or later depending on your comfort level and what each child can handle.

Age Appropriate Chores

Ages 2-3

  • Replace books on bookshelf/basket etc.
  • Put dirty clothes in laundry basket
  • Pick up toys to put in toy box
  • Fetch things for you
  • Place silverware on the table (minus sharp knives)

Ages 4-5

  • Help gather laundry
  • Put clean clothes away in drawers
  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Dust low furniture
  • Help empty dishwasher (sorting silverware)
  • Clear place after a meal

Ages 6-7

  • Organize drawers
  • Begin putting dishes away (use of stool for high cupboards)
  • Clean windows/mirrors
  • Help carry in and put away groceries (like pantry items)
  • Rake leaves
  • Shovel sidewalk
  • Pet care (filling food and water)
  • Sweeping
  • Help with mixing and stirring during meal preparation

Ages 8-9

  • Change sheets on bed
  • Use a vacuum
  • Carry dirty clothes to laundry room
  • Sort clothes by color
  • Fold basic laundry (pair socks, fold towels)
  • Watering of plants

Ages 10-11

  • Fold shirts and pants
  • Wipe down kitchen cupboards
  • Wash the car
  • Weeding of yard and garden
  • Take out the trash
  • Use the oven to bake
  • Cook simple stove top foods

Ages 12+

  • Mow lawn
  • Load and operate washer and dryer
  • Deep cleaning of toilets
  • Clean tub
  • Prepare a meal

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