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Beast Academy Playground: FREE Math Games for Kids

Beast Academy Playground: FREE Math Games for Kids

Playing games is a great way to not only have fun and interact with your kids, but to help them learn concepts in a fun way! My grandson loves anything that uses his hands. Thus he is all about playing board games, manipulating pieces with his hands, etc. We recently came across Beast Academy Playground and we are loving all the screen free, fun math games!

Beast Academy Playground - FREE Math Games for Kids ages 4 & up. Fun, simple to create, screen free, educational games for the whole family! A review from Starts At Eight

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post, I was compensated for my time in writing this review. All my opinions are my own, honest thoughts and I was not required to post a positive review. Your experience may vary. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

Beast Academy Playground: FREE Math Games

Beast Academy is an advanced comic-based math program for students ages 8-13. Beast Academy Playground is a growing collection (New videos are released each week) of math games, crafts and activities that Beast Academy offers for FREE! This playground helps kids build numerical literacy and problem-solving confidence.

Beast Academy Playground - FREE, screen free, table top math games

Offline Math Games

All of my children, and my grandson too, have no shortage of screen time. Many of their school subjects are complete online, as well as lots of free time gaming. That is one of the reasons I love Beast Academy Playground! All of their games are offline, screen free, table top games.

Accessing the Free Math Games for Kids

The only screen time used for these games is the time it takes me to pick one, read the directions and/or watch the video they include to explain each game, and referencing it to get the supplies to play.

You can simply scroll through games, or use the filters to help you narrow your search to specific ages and activity types.

Our Experience with Beast Academy Playground

I have to say that not only did my grandson have fun playing these games with me, but so did I! They are simple to create using basic supplies around the house, the instructions are detailed and easy to follow, and they were just plain fun to do together!

Take a closer look below at two of the different games we have played so far:


Fun, FREE Math Games with Beast Academy Playground

I was super excited to Cartographer amongst the math games at Beast Academy Playground because we are working a lot with a map of the United States this year for history/geography. My grandson is learning all 50 states and where they are located on a map.

All that we needed for this game was:

  • a print out of the provided map
  • 4 different colored markers

When he saw it his eyes lit up and he was super confident he had this one in the bag! (It ended up being a little trickier than he thought!)

Beast Academy Playground Cartographer Game

He was so disappointed when he got to the end and realized he didn’t quite complete the map correctly. But we went back through and talked about what he could change to make it work – it only took changing the colors of two states and he was successful! (HINT: If you think your child may have a little trouble with this, you could slip the map in a plastic sheet protector and use dry erase markers so it’s easy to fix and redo.)

Beyond the printable United States map, there are tons of variations you can draw and try out for yourself. This gives the kids a chance to be creative. You can each draw some and then switch to see if you can stump the other person!

Troll Hole

Fun, FREE Math Games with Beast Academy Playground

Truth be told I picked Troll Hole for it’s name. I knew my grandson would think it was silly and would like drawing a troll in the empty circle of the game.

All we needed to play this game was:

  • plain white paper
  • a quarter (optional but made it easier to make uniform sized circles)
  • 2 different colored markers
Beast Academy Playground Troll Hole Game

I think what he ended up liking most was that he beat me! LOL! We did multiple shape variations of this one as well. It’s cool to see if you can figure out a way to give yourself a winning advantage, and they are using valuable adding skills along the way!

3 Must Have Money Conversations with Your Teen

3 Must Have Money Conversations with Your Teen

Having money conversations with your teen can be overwhelming — especially if you’re not sure where to start. However, once you understand some of the basic conversations to have, you may find that it isn’t as difficult as you thought. Setting intentions and outlining what you want to get out of the conversation can also be helpful.  

Must Have Money Conversations with your Teen discusses important money topics to have with your teen as well as a FREE Real-Life Finance Worksheet.

Must Have Money Conversations with your Teen

Before you get started read over the following tips to help you navigate the money conversations with your teen. Remember to take a deep breath,

Below are 3 must-have money conversations with your teen before they’ve left the nest. 

1. How Money Works

When talking about the basics of money, you’ll want to discuss topics like how to earn and save money, as well as what kinds of jobs are available at different ages. You may also want to talk to your teen about how careers help you feel fulfilled, while also allowing you to earn money in future years. 

Consider talking with them about taxes and how they can affect your paycheck, as well as why you need to pay them. Once they understand these basics, move on to deeper conversations about things like inflation, annuities, and retirement. 

When discussing how money works, it’s also important to help them understand how to use their money wisely through budgeting and investing. 

2. How to Set Financial Goals 

Goals give you a sense of direction in life. Once you have a vision of what you want to achieve with your finances, you’re more likely to hit higher benchmarks. Ask your teen questions to help them get thinking about things they want in life, financially or otherwise. Here are a few to start with: 

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 or 15 years? 
    • How will money help or hinder you? 
  • Do you want to go to college? 
    • If the answer is yes, what kind of college do you want to go to? (community college, university, technical school, etc.)
  • What are some things you want to do in your life?
    • Roughly how much money will it take to achieve those things? 
Must Have Money Conversations with your Teen discusses important money topics to have with your teen as well as a FREE Real-Life Finance Worksheet.

3. Credit & Debt 

Helping your teen understand credit and debt is possibly one of the most important financial conversations you can have with them. Credit can be either enabling or destructive, so it’s important they understand early on how it can affect their life. Talk with them about how credit works, how to get a good credit score, and the benefits available to those who do have a high credit rating. 

You should also talk with your teen about debt and the different kinds. Some debt is inevitable, such as debt from purchasing a home or going to an expensive university. However, there are ways to mitigate the amount of debt, like by saving early on or applying for more beneficial loans. 

When talking with your teen about money, be understanding and patient. Some concepts take longer to grasp than others. Don’t avoid having these conversations because they are difficult. One of the best ways to help your teen be financially successful in life is by teaching them early and being there for them when they mess up. 

Use the FREE Real-Life Finance Challenges Worksheet below to help you understand how much your teen knows about money before having these important conversations with them. 

Must Have Money Conversations with your Teen discusses important money topics to have with your teen as well as a FREE Real-Life Finance Worksheet.
Click on image to download this FREE Real-Life Finance Challenges Worksheet

More About Money for Kids

Money Management for Teens with the CASHFLOW Board Game from Starts At Eight
Money Management For Teens from Starts At Eight
FREE Butterfly Garden Activities for Families

FREE Butterfly Garden Activities for Families

Are you looking for ways to spend more time with the kids outside? One excellent way to get kids more engaged in the outdoors and interested in nature is to start a butterfly garden. 

FREE Butterfly Garden Activities for Families includes free printables and fun ideas to take your learning outdoors! Create a butterfly garden, learn about their life cycle and more!

You can use a butterfly garden as an opportunity to learn about pollinators and plants with these butterfly garden ideas and free printable activities from Angi. 

The printable activities include: 

  • A butterfly and caterpillar observation sheet
  • A garden journal page

Butterfly Garden Ideas

First, you’ll need to attract butterflies to your yard. Here are several tips to build a new garden or revamp an existing one to increase your chances of attracting colorful pollinators. 

  1. Pick the perfect spot. Plant your flowers in an area of the garden that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. 
  2. Choose butterfly-friendly plants. Flowers that are native to your region are rich in nectar for passing butterflies. 
  3. Include caterpillar-friendly plants. Plants that specific butterflies lay their eggs on are called host plants. For example, monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed plants. If you want to see monarch caterpillars and possibly even a chrysalis in your garden, include a milkweed host plant among the flowers. 
  4. Lay out butterfly shelter. Bushes or logs provide great protection for butterflies from natural predators. 
  5. Add butterfly food and water. Lay out a bowl of water or a bird bath to provide a drink station. An optional but fun step is to lay out ripe fruit, like a banana, out on a saucer to produce even more aromatic sweetness to attract the butterflies. 

Once you have your garden all set up, you can begin to observe and learn about butterflies with the kids. Use the garden as an opportunity to teach about the butterfly life cycle, for example. Below are two additional activities you can try. 

Butterfly Observation Activity

A butterfly garden is also a great place to practice observational skills. Print out this butterfly and caterpillar observation sheet to get started. 

Spend some time out in the garden and encourage your child to use descriptive words to describe the butterflies they see. They can also color them in to help with their descriptions. Then, if you want, you can help them identify each butterfly and caterpillar by looking at a book or guide online.

FREE Butterfly Garden Activities for Families includes free printables and fun ideas to take your learning outdoors! Create a butterfly garden, learn about their life cycle and more!

Garden Journal Activity

Another way to get the kids engaged in the garden is to work together on garden maintenance. Teach them about the importance of plants and get them involved in plant care by letting them help with the watering and weeding. 

Print out this weekly garden journal page to either pin on the fridge or place in a binder. Each week, fill out the page together. You can mark which plants you watered, write down your observations and to-do’s, and come up with new goals for the garden. 

FREE Butterfly Garden Activities for Families includes free printables and fun ideas to take your learning outdoors! Create a butterfly garden, learn about their life cycle and more!

Use these butterfly garden activities as part of your homeschool curriculum or just as after-school family activities!

Caterpillar to Butterfly Lifecycle Activities

You can add in more learning opportunities with these Caterpillar to Butterfly Lifecycle Activities

Lifecycle - Caterpillar to Butterfly from Starts At Eight
The House in the Cerulean Sea Character Mapping – FREE Printable

The House in the Cerulean Sea Character Mapping – FREE Printable

The House in the Cerulean Sea Character Mapping Printables are a FREE resource that I created to go along with the book. These fun printables will help you catalogue the characters, young and old alike!

The House in the Cerulean Sea Character Mapping includes a summary, character lists, and free printable character mapping pages for use with the book. A freebie from Starts At Eight.

The House in the Cerulean Sea

The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune is a fantasy novel aimed at adults – the main character is an adult who has been muddling his way through life, but then his job sends him to meet the most the magical children he has ever seen, while he navigates a growing attraction to another man (Arthur, the head of the orphanage).

The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

The book is so wonderful and laugh out loud funny and could easily be loved by teens (and is loved by teens)! Klune’s work in The House in the Cerulean Sea has been praised for its warmth and messages of love and acceptance.

I was hooked fairly quickly. The best way I can describe this book is a mash up of Miss. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and Hotel Transylvania. It is sweet and endearing, laugh out loud funny, and encourages you to open your mind and examine the prejudices that surround us.

I especially LOVE the cover! It is so whimsical and the colors make me feel as though I am surrounded by the ocean. Learn more about the making of the cover from Red Nose Studio here.

Brief Summary

Forty-year-old Linus Baker, career bureaucrat in the Department in Charge of Magical Youth, is a gray, shriveled, downtrodden soul when his latest assignment from Extremely Upper Management sends him to The House in the Cerulean Sea, aka Marsyas Island Orphanage. Marsyas Island Orphanage is located on Marsyas Island off the coast of a little seaside resort town.

His task is to look into the well-being of the orphanage’s six young residents. (See Character List Below) In practice, it’s more like assessing how dangerous they are, and taking a hard look at the methods of Arthur Parnassus, the headmaster.

Linus faints dead away on reading the first file, belonging to Lucy (short for Lucifer), the 6-year-old reputed to be the child of Satan. Linus soon learns there’s quite a bit he hasn’t been told. As time passes and he investigates further, he starts, for the first time, to question some of the things Extremely Upper Management has been telling him about these kids.

He also falls in love (an ever growing attraction between him and Arthur Parnassus spans the length of the book) and discovers unsuspected depths of courage, loyalty, and tenacity in himself.

Character List

The House in the Cerulean Sea Characters

The Orphans

  1. Talia – a two-hundred-something year old female garden gnome (which is apparently unheard of)
  2. Theodore – a wyvern who speaks in chirps, has a secret hoard of treasure (and buttons) under the couch
  3. Phee – a young forest sprite, distant, standoffish, has the power to make plants grow
  4. Sal – an extremely shy teenage boy who shifts into a Pomeranian when frightened
  5. Chauncey – no one knows WHAT Chauncey is, but he is a green amorphous blob with eyes on stalks on top of his head and he longs to be a bellhop when he grows up
  6. Lucy – a charming and intelligent six-year-old whose nickname is short for Lucifer, the antichrist, likes to make threats for fun

“Are you Mr. Baker? If you are, we’ve been expecting you. If not, you’re trespassing, and you should leave before I bury you here in my garden. No one would ever know because the roots would eat your entrails and bones.” She frowned again. “I think. I’ve never buried anyone before. It would be a learning experience for the both of us.”

Talia the garden gnome

Other Characters

  • Extremely Upper Management
  • Linus Baker – a caseworker for the Department of Magical Youth (DICOMY)
  • Arthur Parnassus – runs the orphanage
  • Ms. Zoe Chapelwhite – a sprite the owns the island

Together the inhabitants of Marsyas Island are a quirky, unorthodox, makeshift family who care for one another and keep mostly to themselves. The biggest obstacle to their existence, other than government officials sent by DICOMY to check up on them, is the seaside townsfolk who are sometimes weary and other times hostile toward magical beings in general.

The House in the Cerulean Sea Character Mapping

Sometimes I get inspired with books to create something for myself as a memory tool. As I was reading The House in the Cerulean Sea I felt it would be helpful for me to list the characters and their special powers. So I created these fun The House in the Cerulean Sea Character Mapping pages to use just with this book.

Free Character Mapping Printables

The House in the Cerulean Sea Character Mapping includes a summary, character lists, and free printable character mapping pages for use with the book. A freebie from Starts At Eight.

–>> Download Printables HERE <<–

Study Guide

The Super Summary Study Guide is a 59-page guide for The House in the Cerulean Sea by T. J. Klune and includes:

  • detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering all 19 chapters commentary on major characters
  • 25 important quotes
  • essay topics
  • several more in-depth sections of expert-written literary analysis
  • key themes like Nature Versus Nurture and The Perpetuation of Prejudice

More Fiction Books of Interest

The Giver Book Discussion & Colorless Activity from Starts At Eight
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Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Resources & Printables

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Resources & Printables

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd we decided to jump on the band wagon and do a small unit ourselves! Rather than try to cover everything, I just decided to use The Lorax. I have actually never read the book myself (gasp)! Here you will find a collection of The Lorax Resources that we found and love!

Also, the movie is now out in theaters and the kids want to see it, and I have this thing about reading the book before you see the movie!

The Lorax Resources

I started by looking for the book at our local library, but alas no luck. Given it is Dr. Seuss celebration time (in honor of his birthday on March 2nd), they were all checked out! If I had thought ahead I would have purchased my own copy the book.

Instead I found what I could on the fly and purchased the interactive book for my iPad instead. Ava just loves it, and it helps out when I am busy with the older two because she chooses the read to me feature and lets the app do the reading (it also has corresponding sounds that she really likes)!

As I dug around for some resources and activities, I decided to compile them together, not only so that I could find them again, but so that I could share them as well!

The Lorax Printables

The Lorax Unit Studies

Project Tree Learning

This package of Project Learning Tree activities was created by PLT in conjunction with The U.S. Forest Service’s (USFS) Discover the Forest campaign to encourage parents and children to spend time in forests and reconnect with nature. There are activities from kids from pre-K through 8th grade:

  1. Who Speaks for the Trees? – Students read (or watch!) Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and examine the importance of the sustainable management of natural resources. (Grades 2-8)
  2. We All Need Trees – Students are often surprised to learn how many different products we get from trees. Use this activity to help your students learn just how much we depend on trees in our daily lives. (Grades PreK-6)
  3. Three Cheers for Trees – It’s easy to take for granted both trees and the many benefits they provide. In this activity, students picture how their community would be different without trees and think about how much trees add to people’s lives. (Grades 1-4)
  4. Forest for the Trees – In this activity, students will role-play managing a Tree Farm. By using a piece of land as an example, they will begin to understand the economic factors that influence management decisions for private forest lands. (Grades 4-8)
  5. 400-Acre Wood – In this activity, students will play the role of managers of a 400-acre (162 hectare) piece of public forest. Through this role, students will begin to understand the complex considerations that influence management decisions about forest lands. (Grades 7-8)
  6. Plant a Tree – Never underestimate the power of a tree! Besides giving us an amazing array of paper and wood products, trees provide a host of other benefits—from shading our backyards to assisting in the maintenance of the global climate. Students can express their appreciation of trees by planning and carrying out their own tree-planting project. (Grades 1-8)

The Lorax Unit Study/Lapbook

This is a FREE Lorax Unit Study with Lapbook Printables.

This includes lesson plans as well as printable lapbook components.

Learn about:

  • vocabulary
  • the parts of a tree
  • pollution
  • recycling
  • counting money
  • and more!

Be sure to check out The Lorax Lapbook Activities for more pictures and details!


The Lorax Discussion questions

  1. What was the land like before the Once-ler came?
  2. Did the Once-ler like the trees? Why did he chop down the first truffula tree?
  3. What did the Lorax mean when he said “I speak for the trees?”
  4. Why did the Once-ler keep “biggering and biggering” his factory?
  5. What happened to each animal as he did it? Bar-ba-loots? Swomee Swans? Humming Fish?
  6. What do you think he could have done differently while still ‘biggering’ his business?
  7. Can you cut down trees but still keep enough in the forest for the animals?
  8. How do trees help the earth: plants, animals, air quality, heat, noise, etc?
  9. What could the Once-ler have done differently to help each animal stay there?
  10. Do you think the Once-ler feels good about his decisions? Why or why not?
  11. What does the Once-ler say you can do with the truffula seed?
  12. Could he have done this while the factory was still making Thneeds?

The Lorax Resources & Printables from Starts At Eight

Other Dr. Seuss Fun:

A Preschool Readers List of Favorite Books from Starts At EightOur Favorite Dr Seuss Books from Starts At Eight. "oh the places you'll go!" Dr Seuss takes every little kid on a journey. Check out our favorites and some of the activities to go along with them!

Free Bedtime Stories for Kids

Free Bedtime Stories for Kids

It’s hard to believe that my children have outgrown bedtime stories! We spent countless hours reading together every night for so many years. Reading to and with children is such an important part of their development. It improves reading and comprehension skills as well as helps develop creativity and imagination.

Free Bedtime Stories for Kids

Story Tyke – Bedtime Stories Reimagined delivers original bedtime stories to your inbox at 6 PM Sunday – Thursday!  

{Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Story Tyke. While I was compensated for my time in writing this post, all opinions are my own, and I was not required to post a positive review. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

Story Tyke is for parents (or grandparents like me!) with kids ages 4-8. It’s a  free subscription! All you have to do is head over to the Story Tyke Website and sign up! Once you are subscribed you will receive bedtime stories via e-mail every Sunday – Thursday night! 

Did you know that storytelling (without images) improves literacy skills, creative thinking, and memory recall for children? This is just one reason why Story Tyke was created.

Imagination time is extremely healthy for the development of children and in a world with increasing technology, they wanted to promote more imagination time without visuals, screens, and images. 

All you have to do is open up the e-mail and go!

–>>–>> Click Here to Sign up for Story Tyke Now! <<–<<–

A Look Inside A Story Tyke Bedtime Stories E-mail

Below you can take a look inside a Story Tyke Bedtime Stories e-mail:

** To get the full story head over to Story Tyke and Subscribe! **

What’s Inside?

The Story – a unique and engaging story every time!

And it’s not just one type of story! Story Tyke has a few different types:

  • original stories
  • traditional twists (think Spinderella vs. Cinderella)
  • educational stories
  • customized stories where you can insert your children’s names to make the story more engaging

‘Tyke Time’ Questions  – throughout the stories you will find questions bracketed and in bold. These offer you chances to have conversations that teach high morals as well as educational points.

Story Tyke Rewards – you can earn rewards for sharing Story Tyke with your friends and family! Use your rewards for things like sticker charts and gift cards!

Education Time – some of the stories include this section that contains facts relating to the story.

What’s Not to Love?

I was going to title this section, “What’s to Love?” but really is there anything not to love with Story Tyke Bedtime Stories!?

As parents or grandparents we can pull up a story any time, snuggle up, and read with our kids. Even on the go! Since it’s in your e-mail you can pull it up on your phone while waiting at a restaurant for food, or sitting in the doctor’s office.

As homeschoolers you could include it in your day as a fun and engaging educational activity.

Whether you tell the story at bedtime or build it into your homeschool curriculum during the day, you will love the easy storytelling experience and increased bonding time through a fun activity. 

–>> –>>Click Here to Sign Up for your FREE Story Tyke Bedtime Stories E-mails! <<–<<–

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Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Eye Spy Printable

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Eye Spy Printable

One thing many families love to do during the holiday seasons is drive around and look at Christmas lights. You might even go to a place where you can drive or walk through many light displays. You can add some extra fun in with this FREE Printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt.

Our family LOVES to stroll through the Christmas decorations sections of all our local stores. It’s so much fun to see what’s new and shiny, slowly adding to our collection.

Each year towards the end of October we gear up to prepare the front of our house for Christmas. However, we don’t turn them on until Thanksgiving weekend. (Since we live in a colder climate, we like to get our lights up when the weather is still manageable!)

Ideas for using this Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

There are many fun ways to use this list, below are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • You can use one list as a family. Either head out in a car or walk a neighborhood and play Eye Spy together to find the items on the list.
  • Or each person gets their own list and silently fills it out. This too can be done via car or a walk.
  • Invite other families to join in! Go out in teams with an agreed upon  time limit and see which team gets the most points.
  • We actually used this one year over the course of a month while watching Christmas movies. Simply enjoy watching your favorite Christmas movies and see how many of these you can spot in the process! Click the images below to find tons of Christmas movie suggestions!

Christmas Movie Lineups from Starts At Eight. Here is a collection of Christmas Movie Lineups from all your favorite major network channels such as Hallmark, Netflix, AMC, Lifetime, Amazon Prime and more! View schedules, previews, summaries and more!25 Days of Christmas Movies from Starts At Eight. This is a great list of 25 Christmas movies to enjoy with your family. Plus a FREE Printable List!

Setting some Rules

You may want to set up some guidelines to keep everyone on the same page.

For instance:

  • If taking off in vehicles you’ll want to be sure the driver is doing just that, driving. And encourage everyone to follow all traffic rules.
  • If heading out for a walk you want to be sure younger children stay with a buddy at all times.
  • Then you might want to consider whether or not you can earn only one point per house or if you can get multiple points from one house? It doesn’t matter which way you do it, except that everyone needs to follow the same rule.
  • Along those same lines, if you can get multiples per house, will you allow multiples per item?
  • If you want to add an element of proof to the hunt there are a few ways to go about it. Consider taking photos of each element, maybe even have a team member in some of them! Or have teams write down the address where each item was found. If you’re doing the hunt while watching Christmas movies, write down the movie where you found each item. 

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Printables

What’s Included?

There are two Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Printables in this pack. One for older participants and one for the younger ones! 

BONUS!! As a bonus there are also multiple Christmas Light BINGO Boards.

A total of 14 printable pages!

1. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Printable – Adults

The main Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Printable includes over 30 items to keep your eyes peeled for! Everything from various trees to Santa, different colored lights, specific characters and more!

2. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Printable – Young Children

I also created a smaller Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Printable for smaller children that includes and image of each item.

3. BONUS!! Christmas Light Bingo Boards

I have also included some Bingo Boards with the Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Printable words and images. There are 6 variations of each one!


These can offer a whole level of fun and competitiveness to your Christmas Eye Spy games! Use them on the road or a walk, and even with Christmas movie viewing!

I recommend printing these out on card stock for durability and you might even consider laminating them (or putting them in these plastic sheets) and using dry erase markers to mark what you spy!


More Christmas Fun

The 25 Books of Christmas from Starts At Eight. Enjoy the holiday season with 25 Days of Christmas Books. Check out our 25 choices and use the FREE Printable list to create your own!5 Days of DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids from Starts At Eight. 5 Days of DIY Christmas Ornaments that Kids can make using 5 different types of materials. Use Popsicle sticks to create sleds and stars, yarn to create trees, stars and colorful light bulb ornaments and more!Christmas Activities Round-Up from Starts At Eight. This is a compilation of fun & educational Christmas Activities to add some holiday fun to your homeschool...movies, books, unit studies, crafts and more!Gift Giving Guides from Starts At Eight

Homeschool Thanksgiving Resources for the Elementary Years

Homeschool Thanksgiving Resources for the Elementary Years

Holidays are a great time of year to think outside the box with your homeschool learning. They offer themes and activities to add some fun in your homeschool. Homeschool Thanksgiving is no exception. From turkeys to pumpkins, pilgrims to Indians, this is a collection of fun crafts, books, poetry, education printables and more!

Homeschool Thanksgiving – Resources for the Elementary Years

Ava and I have been enjoying doing some fun activities pertaining to Thanksgiving and learning about the first Thanksgiving.  I have compiled some of the resources that we have used for Homeschool Thanksgiving as well as some we just didn’t get to for you to enjoy!

Thanksgiving Printable Activities

1. Keepsake Thanksgiving Copywork

Keepsake Thanksgiving copywork activity from The Simple Homeschool includes multiple copywork options with both print and cursive to choose from.

By doing 2 pages a day we finished the keepsake during the month of November and she is excited to have it ready to show off to our family for Thanksgiving!  It was nice to go over the story of the first Thanksgiving as well as for her to have a chance to work on her handwriting skills.

The Simple Homeschool also has a fun Turkey Activity Pack as well!

2. Printable Colorable First Thanksgiving Book

This FREE Printable First Thanksgiving coloring book is nice for children who love to color and/or children who are not writing yet.  The story is printed out coloring book style so that they can color the corresponding pictures to the story and includes facts about the first Thanksgiving.

3. Thanksgiving Pack Tot-1st Grade

A FREE Printable pack with over 120 pages of coloring, matching, writing, fill in the blank and more!

4. Thanksgiving Activity Mini-Lapbook

This FREE Printable Thanksgiving Activity Mini-Lapbook includes all instructions and printables to make a full color Thanksgiving Lapbook.

5. Thanksgiving Acrostic Poems

Two years ago we did these fun Thanksgiving Acrostic Poems that all the kids really enjoyed. They each got to choose their character (male pilgrim, female pilgrim, turkey) and then write their own poem.

6. Thanksgiving Lapbook Resources

This is a great resource for  Thanksgiving Lapbook components and resources found on Squidoo. 

History, culture, and food all come together in this holiday topic. Create a Thanksgiving lapbook to record what you learn. This page will direct you to great books to read and free resources for making a Thanksgiving lapbook or notebook project.

7. FREE Thanksgiving Worksheets and Ideas

 Thanksgiving Resources for Thanksgiving Stories

1. A Turkey for Thanksgiving

We enjoyed reading the book A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting.  A cute twist on, “having a turkey for Thanksgiving”, this holiday book is sure to delight.

With this we used a FREE activity pack to go along with the book that was done by ABCTeach. The activities include a word search, crossword, sequencing activity, comprehension questions and more!

2. ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving favorite in our house is Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilke. Obviously adapted from a Christmas favorite, “Twas the Night Before Christmas, this tale takes a class to a turkey farm where something funny happens to the children before they leave.

To go along with this story we used a Lines of Time activity from Fortunately For You Books to recall the sequence of the story.  Ava likes cut and paste activities like this where she can have a small project to review what she has learned.

3. Thanksgiving Day & The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving

These Thanksgiving Story Bracelets are a way for kids to make a fun craft and show off their knowledge in the process.

I already had Thanksgiving Day by Anne Rockwell on our bookshelf and I quickly put The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving by Ann McGovern on hold at the library so that I could do this activity with Ava. You can download the printable for The Thanksgiving Story Bracelet here.

More Thanksgiving Resources

10 Silly Thanksgiving Books from Starts At Eight
Thanksgiving Poetry - Memorize - Create - Print from Starts At Eight
Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message from Starts At Eight

FREE Presidents Day Activities for Homeschool

FREE Presidents Day Activities for Homeschool

Celebrate Presidents Day with these FREE Presidents Day Activities!

FREE Presidents Day Activities for your Homeschool from Starts At Eight

As homeschoolers we often ask ourselves questions that others may not, dig deeper into things that interest us, or even go off on tangents!

Before I get to the FREE Presidents Day Activities I’d like to talk about the spelling of this holiday.

Happy Presidents’ Day! Or is it President’s Day? Or Presidents Day?

What you call the national holiday depends on where you are, who you’re honoring, and how you think we’re celebrating.

Saying “President’s Day” implies that the day belongs to a singular president, such as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, whose birthdays are the basis for the holiday. On the other hand, referring to it as “Presidents’ Day” means that the day belongs to all of the presidents—that it’s their day collectively. Finally, calling the day “Presidents Day”—plural with no apostrophe—would indicate that we’re honoring all POTUSes past and present, but that no one president actually owns the day.

You would think that in the 140 years since “Washington’s Birthday” was declared a holiday in 1879, someone would have officially declared a way to spell the day. But in fact, even the White House itself hasn’t chosen a single variation for its style guide. – excerpt from Stacy Conradt at Mental Floss

FREE Presidents Day Activities for Homeschool

Looking for some activities to do with the kids for Presidents Day? You can use the opportunity to learn about some of our country’s greatest leaders and their history with these free printable activities from Coupon Chief.

The printable activities include:

  • A patriotic scavenger hunt, perfect for young children
  • An imaginative journal prompt to get kids thinking creatively
  • A money matching game to help elementary-aged children practice their coin-counting and history skills

Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

Have a little one who loves to play I-spy? This printable is just for them!

Scavenger hunts are great for young minds –– they help develop observation skills while learning about colors and their surroundings.

Use this simple scavenger hunt for a fun dose of red, white, and blue patriotism with your little ones! Be sure to help younger children read and find the items on the list. They’ll have so much fun searching for each thing to cross off! Bonus points for using a red or blue marker to mark things off as you spot them.

If I Were President Journal Prompt

The perfect combination of pretend-play and creative writing, this activity will give kids the chance to imagine themselves as the president of the United States.

While working on this printable, be sure to talk about the qualities a good president should have –– leadership, communication, responsibility, and a strong sense of right and wrong.

Ask your little one to describe what they think is important for a president. Be sure to add in a bit of light-hearted silliness too! For example, as president, your little one might decide to make everyone dress like a cowboy on Mondays!

Name That Coin! Matching Game

Older elementary-aged children will love this one! This activity combines important money-counting skills with fun trivia facts for a dose of American history.

Here’s how to play:

  • Collect two or three coins of each value (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters).
  • Using the printable, help your child match each coin to the right circle on the page.
  • For example, you should place a penny on the circle that says “1 cent.”
    As you play, be sure to talk about the president you see on each coin.
  • Use the trivia facts on the next page to supplement your discussion of each president.
  • Want to make the game more challenging for older kids, or even yourself? Put the coins away – no peeking allowed! Using only the printable, name the president that goes with each circle’s value. For example, the 25-cent circle should make you think of George Washington!

If your children were loving working with coins, here are some FREE Printable Coin Counting Worksheets (That digging deeper and going off on tangents I referred to earlier!)

Hands On Teaching: Coin Counting from Starts At Eight

Whether you use these printables as part of your normal homeschool curriculum or as a fun way to spend the long weekend, they’ll be sure to keep your kids happy and busy!

More Fun With The Presidents

Fun Resources To Learn About American Presidents from Starts At Eight. Learn about our U.S Presidents through engaging books, hands-on fun, printables, and games!Hands On Fun With American Presidents & The White House from Starts At Eight

Help Prevent Summer Slide with these Programs – FREE for the Summer

Help Prevent Summer Slide with these Programs – FREE for the Summer

Are you gearing up for summer? Are you looking for things to do that are free for the summer? How about free AND educational?

I know that while I don’t want to do “school” all through the summer, I do want to keep my kids from that dreaded “summer slide“.

One of the ways I work to prevent “summer slide” is by keeping up their reading during the summer. This keeps their minds fresh and engaged and offers them the opportunity for new learning in a fun and relaxed way. Having a printable reading list can offer great book ideas as well as help you keep track of what your kids have read during the summer.

Beyond this, I look for programs and activities that are outside our normal routine to offer the kids something new and fun for the summer! For this reason I am super excited to tell you about this FREE for the Summer offer that the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op has this summer!  {Disclosure: I was compensated for my time to share this free, no strings attached offer with you. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

I can’t wait to try out DISNEY Online Streaming OR Dr. Seuss & Friends Online Streaming! We have previously used and loved Visual Latin! And my son is looking forward to checking out CodaKid!

So check out what is being offered and get your kids started on their summer of FREE FUN & LEARNING!

FREE for the Summer

Check out all of the amazing programs that are offered FREE For The Summer from our friends at Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

CodaKid self-paced courses are designed to teach kids not only how to write code, but to thoroughly understand the concepts so they can perform them independently. Instead of using copy and paste techniques or drag and drop interfaces, CodaKid students benefit by writing real code with the same programming tools used at major software development companies throughout the world, including Google, Facebook, Intel, and more.


Can an 8-year-old make dinner for the family? Yes, which can be so helpful on a busy homeschool day. Get free summer access to 5 engaging, professionally produced Kids Cook Real Food videos, printable recipes and lesson plans. The Kids Cook Real Food mini-course will help your kids MASTER time-saving appliances. Even without sharp knife skills, they can make dinner, start to finish, no mess, no fuss, no failure.


CompuScholar brings over 20 years of programming experience plus their own homeschooling experience to the creation of the self-study programming courses included in this offer! The CompuScholar Unity Game Programming course uses the Unity framework to teach video game design and C# scripting.


DoodleMaths adaptive learning engine recognizes and adapts to your child’s strength and weaknesses while working through quick and engaging math skills. When your child first starts using the app, he or she completes a number of exercises. With every question answered DoodleMaths learns more about your child’s math understanding and builds a personalized work program to develop your child’s math skills from beginning concepts to pre-algebra.


In contrast with the more analytical, traditional grammar curriculums, IEW Fix It! Grammar takes a uniquely hands-on approach to teaching grammar. Students hunt for and correct errors in passages of fiction that cumulatively tell a story. Fix It! Grammar encourages students to immediately apply new grammar knowledge in context, aiding in the transfer of grammar skills into their writing.


Get your choice of either DISNEY Online Streaming OR Dr. Seuss & Friends Online Streaming from CCC! Streaming. Featuring a boatload of programs for your homeschool classroom including Disney Science of Imagineering, Bill Nye Science, Dr. Seuss & Friends Lets Dance Series, support materials and MUCH MORE!


If you were to itemize the elements of an ideal online math program, your list might include video tutorials by an experienced math teacher, an abundance of interactive practice exercises, step-by-step audio explanations, self-tests that develop a sense of mastery, reports to keep track track of your student’s progress, correlations with standard math texts, built-in SAT and ACT prep, and self-paced instruction. Check them all off your wish list with!


The Meet The Masters experience begins with a multi-media online assembly where children learn about famous works of the Master Artists. Interactive questions and multi-media content will keep the students’ interest while walking through a virtual museum filled with interesting stories and facts. Special FREE Bonus Get the official Meet the Masters Lesson Plans for Homeschool Planet to help you take full advantage of your free Meet the Masters subscription!


Looking for a fun way to help your kids build important life skills for life success? Q Wunder is a comprehensive parent and kid-friendly curriculum for teaching kids social and emotional skills. By inviting children to Q s World, your child will enjoy award-winning episodes, music videos, bonus features and games featuring Q, the genius monkey, who has A LOT to learn about life! Topics they ll learn include, patience, teamwork, manners, emotions AND MORE!


Visual Latin is a unique video-driven Latin homeschool curriculum taught by veteran Latin teacher Dwane Thomas. Three short videos are paired with three sets of worksheets to guide students from grammar concepts, to practice sentences, to reading in Latin. Kids everywhere love it!


If you are not already a member of the Co-op you can join free today! If you have already joined, log in now get these amazing freebies (FREE FOR THE SUMMER) and more!

Engaging Adventure Stories Featuring Girls

Engaging Adventure Stories Featuring Girls

While I don’t like to put things in boy and girl categories, the reality is that this naturally occurs in our everyday lives. We often view boys as the tough, rugged, adventurous ones (and often read adventure stories featuring boys), and girls are viewed as more dainty –  having tea parties and playing with dolls. But how great is it when we can find something that breaks the mold and shows our children they can do and be anything!

Engaging Adventure Stories Featuring Girls: Check out these reprinted books from the 1900s that give a glimpse into life back then and adventure for girls! Combine history, adventure, and girls to help make learning more fun! Includes FREE Printables

About a year and a half ago my youngest daughter and I started particpating in a book club called Mighty Girls where all the books we read are books that feature a strong female character. This is a great way to build up our girls and show them how strong they can be and open up their world to the many things they can accomplish themselves!

More recently I was introduced to a grouping of historical adventure stories that feature girls from Aunt Claire Presents, published by Laboratory Books! These are already published books from the 1900s being brought to life again for our daughters (and sons) to enjoy!

{Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Automobile Girls at Newport and Grace Harlowe’s Freshman Year at High School for review and was compensated for my time in writing this review.  All opinions are my honest thoughts and I was not required to write a positive review. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.

“Beginning around 1910, American publishers issued dozens of inexpensive hardcover series for girls—school adventures, outdoor and scouting adventures, and adventures centered around exciting new technologies, like the automobile and moving pictures.”

What Aunt Claire has done is select the adventure stories she finds to be the most fun and historically interesting. She then republishes them with new cover art (cover art, I might add, that is so fun and appealing!) What we thought was pretty cool though is that the original cover art is on the hardcover book underneath the dust jacket that contains the new cover art! So you get the best of the new and the history of the old!

Aunt Claire Presents, published by Laboratory Books Cover Art

Using Historical Adventure Stories for Homeschool History Studies

It is no secret that I LOVE using historical fiction for history studies in our homeschool. What I am enjoying about these republished books from Aunt Claire Presents is that they are super fun adventure stories that feature girls!

I often pick books based on a historical time period or event we are studying in our homeschool. This method, while more fun than just straight textbooks, still leaves my daughter knowing (and feeling) as though she is “doing schoolwork”. With these books I simply set them out for her to read. She actually chose Grace Harlowe’s Freshman Year at High School all on her own when she needed to read a historical fiction book as a part of her English curriculum!

The Aunt Claire Presents Adventure Stories:

Books out now:

  1. Vol. 1: The Automobile Girls at Newport by Laura Dent Cran – In this book, you will meet Ruth, Barbara, Mollie, and Grace, the four explorers who take to the road in Ruth’s bright red car, affectionately called Mr. A. Bubble. They are heading for Newport, Rhode Island, a resort town famous for mansions and millionaires.
  2. Vol. 2: Grace Harlowe’s Freshman Year at High School by Jessie Graham Flower, A.M. – In this book, you will meet Grace ― confident and athletic, a natural leader and a true friend. Then there’s the new girl, Anne―quiet, smart, and quite determined to win the freshman academic prize. There’s also Nora, who’s funny and sharp, and Jessica, who is rather good at detective work. And then of course there’s the mean girl, Miriam, who’s not about to let Anne take her place at the head of the class.

Books to be published in the Spring of 2018:

  1. Vol. 3: The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship by Margaret Burnham – In this book, you will meet Peggy Prescott and her brother Roy, two orphans who drop out of school and spend every last dollar they have to fulfill their father’s dying wish—to construct a new type of aeroplane, better and more reliable than any other. With the help of their best friends Jess and Jimsy, can they get their Golden Butterfly in the air and win the $5,000 Young Aviator’s Prize before the scheming banker Simon Harding forecloses on their aunt’s farm? Or will Simon’s son Fanning carry off the prize with the Phantom Airship he’s constructing in secret with his unsavory helpers?
  2. Vol. 4: Grace Harlowe’s Sophomore Year at High School by Jessie Graham Flower, A.M.

Extending the Adventure Stories Learning

At the beginning of each one of the Aunt Claire Presents, published by Laboratory Books you will find an illustrated introduction that gives historical background and context to the story you are about to read. It’s like a combination of your lovable granny telling you a story and an encyclopedia providing you period images and details!

Vintage image from The Automobile Girls at Newport from Aunt Claire Presents, published by Laboratory Books.

Another great learning resource can be found on the Aunt Claire Presents. There you will find Writing Prompts and Discussion Questions for each one of the books. These are a great way to help us homeschool moms extend the learning!

One more thing we found useful was to keep a vocabulary list. Since these books were written in the 1900s there were terms that my daughter was unsure of. For instance, “mam’s flat”, refers to where she lived, or the term suffragettes which refers to a woman seeking the right to vote through organized protest. I had her write down the words as she went so we could talk about them and come up with a definition she could understand.

Learning About the Packard Automobile featured in The Automobile Girls at Newport

Beyond reading the illustrated introduction and using the Writing Prompts and Discussion questions, let me show you how we dug deeper and learned a little more history!

The bright red car known as Mr. A Bubble in The Automobile Girls at Newport is a Packard Touring car. We found this video that shows one up close and personal and talks a little bit about it.

Then I created printables (see the images below and right click and save as to print them for yourself) related to the Packard Touring Car for my daughter.

The first one is a Packard Touring Car Coloring Sheet:

Packard Touring Car Coloring Sheet from Starts At Eight

The second is for those of you that notebook and would want your student to be able to add some details they learned about the Packard Touring Car. It is a Packard Touring Car Notebooking Page:

Packard Touring Car Notebooking Page from Starts At Eight

All in all these engaging adventure stories from Aunt Claire Presents make fun read alouds or read on your own books for girls ages 9-13, as well as allow us homeschooling moms to “sneak in” a little history learning too!

Other Books for Girls

10 Glitzy Chapter Books for Girls from Starts At EightFavorite Books For Girls

Using Horse Stories for a Horse Unit Study {FREE Printable Worksheets}

Using Horse Stories for a Horse Unit Study {FREE Printable Worksheets}

We can’t learn enough about horses in our house! Everything is horse related,  from horse coloring, to horse movies, horse stories, horseback riding lessons, 4-H club, and even horse apparel. Not only are we doing equine science as our science this year, but we are also using some other horse stories and books for some more horsey fun and hands on learning.

Using Horse Stories and Non-Fiction Books for a Horse Unit Study from Starts At Eight. Using Horse Stories is a great way to foster a love of learning with fun stories and hands on knowledge! Includes FREE Printable Horse Knowledge Worksheets.

We have an extensive collection of fiction books with horses as the primary focus, as well as a collection of non-fiction horse books for reference and learning purposes.

Fiction Books for the Young Horse Lover from Starts At EightHelpful Books for Young Horse Riders from Starts At Eight

Despite all of this, we can never have enough horse books in our house!

Lucky for us we have found some new horse books to add to our collection! Candlewick Press has both fiction and non-fiction horse books that we are using to extend our fun reading and increase our basic horse knowledge. {I received copies of these books and was compensated for my time in writing this review.  All views are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.}

Using Horse Stories for a Horse Unit Study

Horse Stories

Using Horse Stories and Non-Fiction Books for a Horse Unit Study is a great way to foster a love of learning with fun stories and hands on knowledge!

1. Chancey: Horses of the Maury River Stables (ages 9-12 years)

On the night that Chancey is born, a “fire star” gallops across the sky, a signal that a great horse has entered the world. But it will take many years of slights and hardships before the orphaned albino will believe that the prophecy is truly meant for him. First he must find a home at the Maury River Stables and a girl named Claire who needs him as much as he needs her. Then, when his aching joints and impending blindness bring an end to their training together, he must start a new chapter as a therapeutic horse, healing people with wounds both visible and unseen. In the manner of a latter-day Black Beauty, Chancey’s observant voice narrates this absorbing story, filled with fascinating details of life at the stable and keen insight into equine instinct, human emotion, and the ineffable bond that connects them both.

On the night that Chancey is born, a “fire star” gallops across the sky, a signal that a great horse has entered the world. But it will take many years of slights and hardships before the orphaned albino will believe that the prophecy is truly meant for him.

2. Macadoo: Horses of the Maury River Stables (ages 9-12 years)

When Macadoo is just a colt, he challenges his father?—?a huge Belgian stallion?—?in order to protect his dam. From that moment on, Mac knows that his purpose in life is to help others. From surviving a kill auction to learning how to be a vaulting horse to giving therapeutic riding lessons, Mac is always patient and never loses hope in his mission to serve others?—?and he finds the courage to “walk on” through even the most difficult circumstances.

3. Dante: Horses of the Maury River Stables (ages 9-12 years)

Dante’s Inferno may be the grandson of the greatest racehorse in modern times, but his start proves a rough one, both in life and on the track. When Dante fails as a racehorse, he lands briefly at a Thoroughbred rescue facility run by rehabilitating prisoners before being adopted as a project horse at the Maury River Stables. It’s not easy for Dante to make friends — horse or human — but slowly, horses Daisy and Napoleon bring him into the fold, and the girl Ashley begins to work with him. Can Dante put his fears aside and find redemption as an eventing horse?

Handsome but headstrong, a retired racehorse finds a second chance in this affecting, fast-paced novel that comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

Why We Love These Horse Stories

One of the coolest things about these three books is that they are told from the perspective of each horse. Because they are all set at the  Maury River Stables you also get to hear about all 3 of these horses in each of the three books, seeing each one from the other’s perspective and hearing their continued stories.
Each of these books is full of horse facts, terminology, and information. From the places and food they are fed, the tack that is used to ride them, their types of gaits, breeds, colors and more. Seeing as I have a love of historical fiction because it brings history to life, I love these books because they bring the horse world to life.

Horse Fun Word Search

Horse Fun Word Search Words FREE Printable from Starts At Eight

I have created a Horse Fun Word Search Printable (this is a pdf of the Word List Page above and the letter search box) that includes some of the horse terminology found in each one of these books.

Besides just doing the word search there are some other things you can have your children do with horse terminology:

  • Have them find the terms in the books as they go.
  • Write each word on a separate piece of paper and write definitions for them.
  • Have them create their own list of horse terminology as they read through the books.
  • Create a horse terminology book by using the list they have made. They can use these FREE Notebook Pages to draw or print picture of the terms and write a description of each term.

Horse Non-Fiction

While both of these books are listed for younger ages, they can be used for older children as well. While the information is presented in a fun and engaging way for little kids, the information covered it relevant to all equine lovers.

Our 4-H group has boys and girls from ages 8-13 and these books were a wonderful reference as we work through our 4-H book in the hopes of earning their first star!

1. A Field Full of Horses (ages 4-8 years)

“Every child who has ever clambered up the back of a pony or dreamed of owning a horse will delight in A FIELD FULL OF HORSES. Full of interesting facts about horses, this handsome book captures the very essence of horses for the very young.”

With pretty painted images, and tons of information sprinkled throughout this book makes a great lap time read aloud, a fun book for younger kids to flip through on their own, and a good reference for basic horse knowledge.

2. Horse: The Essential Guide for Young Equestrians (ages 6-9 years)

“Two experienced stable hands pass on their hard-won knowledge about such tasks as grooming and feeding, tacking up, and keeping equipment in top shape, along with tips on how to mount and dismount and perfect your riding posture so it seems you were born with a set of reins in your hands.” Among this book’s many novelty features are:

  • A lift-the-flap saddle
  • Ribbon stickers
  • Informative booklets
  • Pull-out cards
  • A certificate of achievement at the end

This book contains lift a flaps, pull-outs, mini books, and more, that add to the fun as well as containing tons of extra information! This book includes topics like horse markings, riding gear, breeds, tack, feeding and care, parts of a horse and basic riding skills.

Horse Knowledge Worksheet Printables

To go along with the non-fiction horse books as well as the horse stories, I have created some fun printables. All the information can be found in the 5 books (listed above) from this horse unit study.

Parts of the Saddle

Parts of the Saddle Printable from Starts At Eight

In the Horse: The Essential Guide for Young Equestrians on page 8 you will find a fun, moveable English saddle diagram of which you can use to label this Parts of the Saddle Printable Worksheet.

Parts of a Horse

In both Horse: The Essential Guide for Young Equestrians and A Field Full of Horses you can find images with the parts of a horse labeled which you can use to label this Parts of a Horse Printable Worksheet.

Other Great Titles from Candlewick Press

  1. SPARKS for New Readers
  2. Judy Moody and Stink
  3. Read & Wonder
  4. Brand New Readers
  5. Candlewick Biographies

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