Hands On Teaching: Piggy Bank Math

Math can be a sticky subject for kids and adults alike. It is often easier to visualize and be able to manipulate items to help learn math concepts. I created this Piggy Bank Math printable as a fun way to work with coins.

Hands On Teaching: Piggy Bank Math + FREE Printable from Starts At Eight

My 5 year old and I have been working on money. I don’t think there is ever an age that is too early to begin working with kids and money. Teaching money sense is an important life skill to help our children acquire.

This week we added in quarters to our pennies, nickels, and dimes. We started with pennies a couple of weeks ago and have just kept adding as she seemed ready. She is really enjoying money and this is just one of a few money math ideas for little ones that I have to share. As she gets more adept with counting money, she keeps wanting to do more and more.

Thus I created this easy Piggy Bank Math printable sheet for her. You could choose to print multiple copies for your child’s endless reuse and redoing of this activity, or you can laminate it and give them a dry erase marker.

Then you can either choose to create fake money yourself, buy fake money, or use some real change you have hanging around.

Piggy Bank Math

Simply give your child a pile of coins, this sheet (right click and save as to keep it and print it), and have them put whatever combination of coins in the piggy bank that they would like. Then they can count up the money in their piggy bank and write the number on the given line.