Computer Fest & What it Means to Me

Computer Fest 2008

There is this lovely, (not really) little, (not really) event that Joey has to deal with at work every year called “Computer Fest”.  Like Joey’s job itself, I don’t know too many details about the whole thing, just that he is a “computer geek”!  I do know that it comes every year at holiday time and it sucks!  So if whoever is in charge of it ever reads this, please note that January, when there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GOING ON, would be a much better time to put on this little stress inducing, time consuming nightmare you call “Computer Fest”!

In Joey’s words “It is like planning a wedding.”  You have to feed 200 people, move all kinds of stuff around, put on presentations, deal with people that don’t hold up their end,  and even have favors!  Only you have a boss breathing down your neck because they want it done just right!  It means extra hours, extra stress, and extra work.  Joey, being the “work ethic” king also strives for his best at all times!

Joe and Donna Computer Fest 2008

What does it mean at home?  Daddy is very tired and stressed.  As if it is not bad enough that he can’t focus and remember things on a normal basis, add “Computer Fest” and he may as well check out for the week!  We are very grateful it is only one week and that we have his undivided attention the other 51 weeks of the year! 🙂

It also means that 2 years ago today is when we found Papa, dead in his apartment.  Yes, it is on my mind.  My heart is sad for all he, we, have lost.  I can also smile for all the things we shared with him.  So tonight, when my husband is finally free from “Computer Fest”,  I think we will sit and have a glass of wine.  To toast the end of “Computer Fest” for another year, and the time we had to share in Papa’s life before he passed.  So here is how we will choose to remember youPapa:

Cooking Sauce

Playing Dress Up

Holding our Children

Programming Strange Rings into your Phone

And Playing Medusa for Chloe!