One Word – Balance – for 2016

Last year, for 2015, my One Word was GRACE. I know that I was able to do this with myself more than I ever have, and in many ways was able to do this with others. While I still think there is work to be done (we are all a work in progress), I think GRACE was gained this year. So what about this year? What is my one word for 2016?

One Word - Balance - for 2016 from Starts At Eight

In 2015 I sought to show myself and others more Grace: More regard, more courtesy, more acceptance, more respect and more decency. For 2016 I am looking to find BALANCE.

One Word – Balance – For 2016

I have struggled greatly this year with getting everything done!

  • I never finish the books I start, or even get to start the books I really want to read!
  • While I changed up how I am grading and logging the kids work for this school year, I am still not getting it done! In fact I am MONTHS behind!
  • I have learned to be able to walk away and not stress so much about producing content for Starts At Eight, but then I seem to find NOTHING getting done!
  • Weight loss needs to happen. I struggle with finding the time to exercise, and the control to not put food in my mouth.
  • I need 48 hours in each day to be able to have enough me time, work time, exercise time, reading time, tv time, quality time with kids and hubby, school time, housework time, etc.

What would I like to accomplish this year?

  1. I would like to find a daily routine that allows for more balance and less extremes. For example instead of not writing for 3-4 days and then suddenly crunching to write 3 or 4 articles, I would like to schedule in a little each day or most days.
  2. I would like to start each day with 30 minutes of exercise and end each day with at least 30 minutes of reading.
  3. I would like to choose skinny over food, and focus over procrastination. I can get so much done when I am focused and not mindlessly scrolling through Facebook!
  4. I would like to date my husband and play more with my children.
  5. I plan to accomplish all of this by being more intentional with my time. Less wandering aimless through Facebook, and more picking a task and accomplishing it. I am so much happier and more productive when I am busy. I need to be busy but in a balanced sort of way.

What is your One Word for 2016? What will you focus on and strive for this year?