Benefits of a Youth Football Organization

Football is definitely viewed as one of the more aggressive, high contact sports. Youth coaches and leagues are dealing with young children and often times their first exposure to the game.
We know first hand as our son has completed 3 years on a flag football team, and is experiencing his first season at tackle football as I write this. He is almost 9 years old and I have yet to have a person guess him over the age of 6! He is very little for his age, weighing in at 52lbs (wet)! The maximum weigh in weight for the league he is in is 105lbs. Yes, that is double his weight! Needless to say, I have received countless inquiries and looks as to my decision to let him play such an aggressive sport, given the obvious risks, and his general size disadvantage.

There are multiple reasons behind our decision. First and foremost is that he LOVES the game! He has a real heart and passion for it.
The second, and quite substantial reason, is that we chose with whom, and where he plays (a pick up league, a community center fun class, or an accredited organization are a few of the options). We have chosen for him to play on a team that is a member of a Youth Football League organization, and thus is governed by that. The following points are all things to consider about an organization as a whole, as well as those that participate in it.
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