Weekly-Wrap Up ~ Miniature Golf and Watercolors

Monday: This Monday was kind of like our Tuesday. We started our school year out on Friday last week because we are having a big garage sale this weekend and wanted to get a jump start on our week of work. Ava is loving doing her “arithmetic” which for her is just adding right now. She uses Cuisenaire Rods to add two numbers together that she doesn’t yet know. (She easily does anything plus 0 and 1)


Tuesday: I have switched many things around this year. One of things I am doing differently is that we are doing our “together” subjects like history and science first thing in the morning. I really wanted to do a better job of including these and following through with them so I decided to make them first. Especially Jayden was overjoyed with a real live, hands on science experiment. They used 3 different white powdery substances and did both physical and chemical tests on them. Jayden was very excited to find that the vinegar made the baking soda “fizz like pop”!

Much to my surprise, our schoolwork is going so smoothly that we have had time to spare in the afternoon! I had promised the kids that once public school was in session we would head out for some miniature golf. The weather could not have been more perfect so we enjoyed a game of miniature golf in which Ava beat Jayden (by one stroke), and got the only hole in one out of all 4 of us!


Wednesday: In keeping my promise to Chloe at the end of last year that I would find more art for this year, we started our first art project today. I have deemed September “Watercolor” month and have a couple of projects for them to choose from. They chose to start with a project that required them to draw a dog first, and then paint it. Chloe replied after finishing her drawing, “Now I know how to draw a dog!” Jayden quickly learned, when he did not follow directions, that watercolor paint bleeds into the color next to it on your paper if you have not let it dry first. Now his dog has wavy, washed out eyes.

Thursday was spent with a little left over work in the morning and then off to Poppy and Gommy’s to price everything for the garage sale. Friday was a whole lot of garage sale mixed with quality grandparent time. Chloe very much enjoys being in charge of the garage sale. Her favorite part is adding up the sales, taking money and making change. Score one for the real life homeschool lesson!