Winter Olympics Resources

The Winter Olympics are fast approaching!  I remember doing a unit study with the kids for the last Winter Olympics and I loved it so much – More than they did I am pretty sure!

One thing I love about unit studies is the chance to spend so much time on a subject, really getting to learn and know so much more about it.  Unit studies allow you to include math, science, art, writing, history and more all from one topic! We are in full preparation to spend a couple of weeks learning about the history of the Olympics, this years location, and all the sporting events!

The Winter Olympics is a great opportunity to include various subjects together. Here are Winter Olympics art projects, unit studies, books, printables and other Winter Olympic resources from Starts At Eight.

Be sure to follow all the action on the Olympic Games Website!

Winter Olympics Art

Today I would like to share our Winter Olympics Art with Chalk Pastels and a few other great Olympic resources that we are using this year.

Winter Olympics Art with Chalk Pastels from Starts At Eight

Thanks to You Are An Artist we have yet another way to incorporate art into our homeschool! Using A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels: Winter Olympics eBook we have created some fun art.
Things to create in the book:

  • Olympic torch
  • bobsled
  • downhill skier
  • Olympic skate
  • hockey stick and puck
  • Olympic mountain scene
  • Olympic medals

You can also get this as a VIDEO ART COURSE! With the Winter Games Video Art Lessons you get step-by-step instructions, techniques that encourage both new artists and challenge more advanced ones and you can even join a Facebook group where you can share your artwork and ask questions! As a BONUS: If you purchase the Video Art Lessons you will receive the Winter Games Simple Starts in Chalk Pastels ebook I mentioned above!

Winter Olympics Unit Studies

1. Winter Games 2018 from Amanda Bennett

As you explore Winter Games 2018 with your family, you will find the following areas of learning included in the Winter Games 2018 study (pictured above):

  • History of the ancient Olympics
  • Science and the laws of physics in sports
  • Sports and the human body
  • World geography, both ancient and modern
  • World politics and its influence on international sports

The Winter Games Unit Study Adventure is a digital 4-week study, meaning your children can work through the study interactively. Each day’s lesson plan has been written in two levels: Lower Level (elementary grades) and Upper Level (junior/senior high grades), enabling the whole family to learn together. Includes the new Winter Games 2018 Companion Lapbook.

Winter Olympics Printables

  1. Winter Olympics Sports Bundle – Into the Olympics?  Learn more about many of the Winter Olympic sports including alpine skiing, bobsled, curling, figure skating, speed skating, snowboarding and more!
  2. Unit Study/ Reading Comprehension for Grades 4-8 – Stimulate interest and awareness in the history of the Winter Olympic Games and how they evolved. Study the traditions and the ceremonies held before and after the Games. Develop an awareness of the types of sporting events and the Canadian athletes participating in them.
  3. Lapbook & Study Guide (while this is the 2014 edition, much of it is general winter Olympics based) get the history, learn about the symbols, track the medals in each event and more!
  4. Winter Olympic Games 2018 – Complete Non-Prep Unit for grades 2-5 – Where is PyeongChang and what’s it like there? Learn more about the history. Tons of reading comprehension activities in this unit!
  5. 2018 Printable Schedule
  6. Olympics Lapbook – FREE Printable Lapbook from Homeschool Helper Online
  7. Winter Olympics History Year by Year
  8. Unit Study Workbook for kids in grades 3-6
  9. FREE Winter Olympics Bingo Game
  10. Printable Winter Olympics Pack – For children ages 2-9. These printables were made to go with the book G is for Gold Medal: An Olympics Alphabet. Among these printables you will find writing, math and language activities.

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Be sure to follow my Pinterest Board for more activities, printables, crafts, history lessons, and more! I am always adding as I find new stuff!

Winter Olympics Pinterest Board from Starts At Eight

More Winter Activities

Beyond the Olympics there are so many fun themes to explore for winter! Topics like snow, snowmen and snowflakes, winter sports like ice skating and sledding, winter animals like polar bears and penguins and so much more! Check out some of the other fun winter things here at Starts At Eight!

Paper Snowflake Craft from Starts At Eight3 Fun Snowman Activities from Starts At EightWilson "Snowflake" Bentley Unit from Starts At EightWhen the Snow Flies: Answers for Winter Physical Education from Starts At Eight

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