Why "Starts At Eight"

Not sure why the need to blog has come over me, but a few days ago it did.  There are not too many blogs that I even read myself..who would right?  We are all busy with our OWN lives!  I guess I am mostly doing this for me.  I have spent a lifetime writing in journals and this just seemed like the high-tech, share it with the world version of a journal.
My husband Joe and I spent a bunch of time trying to pick a name for my blog.  I wanted something “epic”, something “random but not”.  He picked things like “Where are my keys” and “Sweet pickles”…totally random without the “not” part.  My taste was more along the lines of “Cookie Cutter Suburbia” or “Life is in the Journey”….totally common and not so interesting.  In true Heidi and Joe style…if Heidi likes it Joey hates it and vice versa!
So we ended up with “Starts At Eight”.  Why?  Because that is when my day begins.  Seems late for many, I know.  Let me explain.  I am a stay at home mom, and a homeschooling mother as well.  In order for me to manage my day I need my nights and my early mornings kids free!  So bed time in our house is fairly strictly enforced and so is “get up” time.  Our children may wake up when they choose but we have a rule that says they must remain quietly in their rooms until 8am.  At that time they must be dressed, room clean and ready for the day.  Then they may go downstairs and get breakfast.  Sounds rigid, I know, that is the type-A in me!  It has kept my sanity in tact many days throughout our home school journey.  So to all of you who are up early, and you know who you are, you may think of myself and my 3 babies starting our day at 8!!
An addendum to this post: It is now almost 2 years since I started this blog. Looking back now, I can’t imagine how I got along WITHOUT all the blogs I now read! LOL! It is funny how things change and where life takes you. I am now truly blessed to have such a strong online community to share in our journeys of life!