Weekly Wrap-Up ~ The One With Sand ~ 2012

We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to have a little bit of fun. Our week has gone like this:

1. Get up around 8am
2. Eat
3. Sunblock
4. Fun in the sun
5. Lunch around Noon
6. Fun in the sun
7. Dinner at 6pm
8. Fun on the beach
9. Dessert
10. Bed
11. Repeat!

This week we have learned about shells and shelling, taken a trip to the Florida Aquarium (where each child had their favorite animal: Chloe the mini seahorses, Jayden the Spider Crabs, and Ava the stingrays), practiced our swimming skills, boogie boarding, lots of swimming, meeting new friends, building sand art, baked Easter cupcakes, participated in an Easter Egg Hunt, shopped, and so much more!