The Power of Mommy

What is it about Mommy? In my house it is like simply having that title means I have special powers. Somehow my lap is better, my kisses and hugs are better, even sharing my glass or food is highly sought after! Not that I am complaining, because being the one, the end all, can be pretty awesome…..then, there is the flip side!

For instance, recently I was snuggled down in my Papasan chair when it was time for the little ones to go to bed. I asked my husband to wear the, “tuck me in hat.” Joking about how it probably won’t matter in the end because they will still want Mommy.

So down my husband comes, and all is quiet upstairs…..until we hear the door creak open and feet plodding down the stairs. In walks Jayden, “Mommy, can you come tuck me in?”

It was in this moment that the enormity of the power of Mom was again pressed upon me. My husband looked over at our son and says, ” But Jayden I already did the tucking in. You have been tucked by me, and I am at the top of my game!”

Even given this knowledge of his father’s prime tucking in skills, our son looked at him and says, “But I want Mommy!”

There is only one Mommy in this house and I am irreplaceable. That is both awe inspiring and terrifying all in one. Our children depend on us because whatever the reason may be, we are Mommy.

No one hugs like Mommy, no one picks out clothes like Mommy, no one tucks in, makes food, zips coats, or snuggles quite like Mommy.