Super Hero Powers

We are raised in a world with heroes and villains alike. All these characters posses some sort of super power. Super powers to me are the ability to do/change things that would normally be beyond your capabilities.  They seem to be a means to fill a void where we feel we are lacking or have failed, giving us the ability to go beyond our given human capabilities.

Super heroes have spanned throughout our recent history, from iconic super heroes like Superman, Batman and Spiderman, to more recent heroes like The Incredibles and X-Men, and even extending into books we have read like Savy by Ingrid Law and the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson.

We have been talking recently in our house about super powers.  If you could possess any one super power, what would it be and why?

Ava would like to have glasses that allow her to see inside our home and open/close the doors, “even from across the ocean!” I am not sure why she would need this super power, I can only assume it is because she worries about the state of our home when we are away from it.

Jayden would like to have the power of mind control, “so that I could make Chloe play Minecraft with me.” Jayden is so simple and obvious. 🙂 All he needs is a video game and a partner and he is happy for life.

Joey would like the power to move/control things with his eyes, “so I can keep Chloe on the beam.” This is a parent talking. We all want our children to succeed and staying on the beam in gymnastics has been a difficult one for Chloe since she moved to a higher level. He simply wants nothing more than for her to have success at the sport she loves most.

Everyone in my family seemed to easily come up with what their super power would be. I on the other hand seem to want to move mountains and then some! I wonder if that is the Type-A in me? Or is it the mother in me? Whatever it may be, my super power would be to create peace and harmony in our home. I spend so much of my time telling the kids to leave each other alone, to mind their own business, to focus on themselves and not what the other one is doing that I get exhausted from it. They nitpick at every little thing:

“Your feet are on my side of the table!”

“Put your headset on you are distracting me!”

“Did Mommy say you could do/have/eat that?”

Therefore, my Mommy super hero power would bring peace to the all the land. Allowing our children to share the same space without all the petty bickering. 🙂 Hey, a mom can dream, right?