How Online Gaming Can Teach Kids About the Economy

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There are lots of different skills and areas of learning which we don’t think about teaching our children when they are young because they do not seem relevant at the time. Nevertheless, when your children become older these subject areas also become extremely important. One area which is highly important at the moment specifically and always will be is that of the economy and managing money. Obviously you cannot give your child full blown economic lessons now and expect them to know the ins and the outs of finances. Nevertheless, you can help them by now by making them more accustomed to money management through games and cartoons.

But, how do you introduce your child to the world of economics and money? One great thing to do is to get your children to play online games and watch cartoons online which are relevant to money, mathematics and the economy. This is a great method because games are fun and it is likely that your children already enjoy playing them. Thus, by slyly and slowly introducing these subject areas you ensure that they learn a little bit whilst having fun!

Educational Games

You can actually find educational games available online. There is a wealth of these available and they are catered to a huge range of different subject topics. Therefore you are bound to find a number which are suited to money management, economics, and especially maths. These are extremely beneficial and will often come labelled with an age range for who they are suitable for. The great thing about educational games is that there is obviously a strong learning stance, yet at the same time the fun factor is kept intact so that your child does not feel like he or she is learning.

Football Management Games

If your child is a fan of football, then the popular football management games which are available today are highly recommended. Your child will have to manage a football team. They will have to pick players and deal with formations. Nevertheless, they will also have to deal with the money side of things as well. They will have a transfer budget and a wage budget and they will have to manage this effectively. This is something which can be highly beneficial because your little one will also pick up on things such as profit, loss, bonuses, and alike.


Simulation Shopping Games

There is a wealth of games featuring cartoons online which are based around selling products. These games are based in an array of different settings, including; restaurants, clothes stores, supermarkets, beauticians, cafes, and much, much more. This is great because your little one will have to add new products and meet their daily targets with regard to revenue and profit. This is important when it comes to managing money and being efficient with the money that you do have and thus these can be highly advantageous.

Sell Lemonade

The games whereby you own a lemonade stall are linked to the simulation shopping games mentioned above. Nevertheless, because this is such a traditional game the concept deserves a mention by itself. Many children set up little stalls in their garden in order to try and make a bit of pocket money. These lemonade stalls provide the real thing however through the internet. This is all about money which is manageable for the age of your little one as well.


Any of the four types of games mentioned in this article will be suitable for your child when it comes to learning about money and the economy and thus should certainly be considered.

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