***NEW*** Thursday Blog Inspiration

Since I started blogging only a few short months ago, I have found some of my inspiration in other places.  There are many bloggers who put ideas out there for you to use and follow.  For Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I have found great ideas to inspire posts every week.  I have wanted to come up with my own idea for a weekly post and add a Mr. Linky for others to join in and share their thoughts.  Thursday seemed like an open day seeing as I have ideas for Monday – Wednesday and Flashback Friday.  This week I finally found what I want to do on Thursdays.  Now I just have to find a catchy name, set up a Mr. Linky, and I would like to create a logo button for people to use on their blogs as well.  All of that will come soon.  For today, I want to tell you how I found the inspiration and what I see as a vision for my weekly Thursday posts.
My inspiration finally came into clear view after reading a post from Tracy Clark at the creative mama.  The post is titled walking the uncharted path of Motherhood. Here is a bit of what she says:
Motherhood is a tough job. Of course the big picture perks far outweigh the hardships (or so I keep telling myself) but on a day to day basis, I know I often feel under-appreciated. My guess is that you’re all nodding. Beyond that, us moms do what we do without a clear map. We use our parenting compass and try so hard to keep to a true North but I’ve never been all that good with a compass so it’s more about feeling my way. And that can be terrifying. Still nodding, aren’t you?
I realize that seeing the hard work of Motherhood payoff might not happen for quite some time. At least not in one fell swoop. I’ve finally realized that waiting for that illusive big moment to come is a ridiculous notion (not to mention totally self-defeating and not very motivating) and so I have begun to appreciate the small (sometimes bordering minuscule) gestures of deep appreciation from my daughters as the signs that I’m doing at least something right by them.

It is those “small (sometimes bordering minuscule) gestures” that I plan to celebrate.  Being a mother and home school parent of 3 young children can be very taxing on me.  In those moments when I turn into Medusa, and have a not so great parenting moment, I try to scale back and remember all the little things along the way that make it worth the ride.  And a ride it is!  We may like to think that we have control, but we don’t.  Everyday and in so many ways I am reminded that these little people running around me, are very much like adult people, full of their own ideas, tendencies, habits, limits, likes and dislikes.  Therefore, they are more in control than we think!
Another reason I want to put these, what I like to call “Little Things” out there is to support and encourage other women and mothers.  We are all riding this ride and we should be here to share the joys and the sorrows of it all.  I know that in my life it helps me to put it out there, and to find that in return, others will share their stories, and we suddenly feel connected, similar, and not alone in this crazy roller coaster of motherhood!  I was reminded of our need for this when I posted Tracy’s Post to my facebook profile and one of my friends responded with this:

“Heidi, Awesome post ♥ it totally struck me today and I appreciate it.  I am blessed to have 4 wonderful crazy kids.  I may not always feel like a good mom but I know I’m doing my best.   Thanks again”


We all need a little support, encouragement, and validation.  This thought reminds me of a new song out on country radio call The Call by Matt Kennon.


Today was gonna be the day
He´d already wrote the note
And parked that Chevrolet
At the end of that dead end road
Had his finger on the trigger; just about to end everything
He was taking one last long breathe; when he heard his cell phone ring

And his best friends say man where you been?
We´re headed down to the lake this weekend
You better not miss it ’cause buddy I swear
It won´t be the same If you ain’t there
And I told that girl that you like so much
You were coming along and her eyes lit up
I better let you go, man I really hope I didn’t catch you in the middle of anything
He said you kinda did but I don’t mind at all
I’m glad you called


In another town down the road
In the backseat of a car
Two 18 year olds, had let a kiss go to far
He said how we gonna have this child
When we’re both headed off to school?
He convinced her late one night, there’s only one thing to do
She was scared to death in that waiting room
When the nurse asked how far along are you
She said 5 weeks and just about then her phone lit up
And his call came in
Saying baby I was wrong about everything
I’ve already bought you a diamond ring we’re gonna start a life
Would you be my wife
Boy or girl; pink or blue; yeah either way
All she could say as she felt those tear drops fall
was I’m so glad you called


If someone you know is weighing on your mind
And needs a friend on the other end of the line
Don´t hesitate what you say may seem so small
But who knows
They might be.. glad you called

So make the call


So every Thursday I plan on posting, and hosting, an “It’s the Little Things Thursday” to celebrate motherhood for the little things that matter and sometimes get over shadowed by the hard things and tougher days.  I invite all who read this to join me.  I know I don’t have Mr. Linky working yet, so maybe you can just post something in the comment box for this week.  Share a picture, share a sentence, share a story or a quote, whatever it is, it will be welcome here.  You never know who you might touch or how you might inspire!


Today I am thinking of a story Joey told me when I returned home from my Walk n Talk last night.  He and my dad had bought cabinets for the basement and returned home to get them installed.  Joey retold how Jayden was eager to “pitch in” and help.  Jayden apparently scurried around outside in the garage cleaning up the boxes and garbage that had protected the cabinets.  Joey said he broke down boxes and laid them flat and cleaned up after him and my dad.  Little hands can be an uplifting support and can accomplish more than we think sometimes.  Thank you to Jayden, who was Daddy’s little helper last night. 🙂