It’s the Little Things Thursday ~ The “F” Word

It's The Little Things Thursday

Thanks to a lovely post reminder by my dear friend Shana this week, I am bringing back It’s the Little Things Thursday, even if only for this week! Not only do I love what it stands for, but I love the icon my hubby and I created for it as well. Awhile back I spent a whole year including a linky and trying to get people to join in, but it never got off the ground. 🙁 But the story I have is perfect for this so, “Welcome Back Little Things Thursday”!

I am not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed by the story I am about to tell!

Just the other day, Jayden was sitting at the computer with YouTube up and his favorite song of the second playing, Payphone by Maroon 5. As he watches the words scroll by on the screen he comments about how there is a bad word in the song, continuing by telling me that is ok because he just doesn’t sing it. No sooner does this conversation end, I turn myself back to my own computer and I hear him sing a bad word, no flinching, not quieter than the others, nothing!

So I turn to him with the mommy glare and he looks at me all innocent, “What?”

“You just sang the bad word!”

“No I didn’t, I swear, I just,” then he pauses to show how he paused instead of saying the word. I suddenly realize maybe we are not referring to the same word. Earlier he was referring to the “s” word, and this time I heard him sing the “f” word.

I then ask him what word he is referring to and he starts by spelling S-H. I quickly interrupt him to tell him that is NOT the word I am referring to! So of course I have to say the word myself and he continues to look at me blankly as though nothing has registered!

Could it be? Is it possible that my almost 10 year old has never come to the realization that the “f” word is not appropriate? I know he never hears it from us, but obviously he must have heard it on the radio, as he was singing a song with it in it. But clearly he doesn’t know what it means or that it’s not appropriate.

At this point in time I am not sure if I am proud that he still has some innocence left, or worried that because of this people will think I have sheltered him! 🙂 I know that in this world, where now every other song on the radio has inappropriate words that they either say, or bleep out, and with a kid that has such an extensive vocabulary, I find it amusing that he managed to go this long without knowing the “f” word! Innocence is lost! 🙁

So for this story, that is still bringing a smile to my face, I bring you Little Things Thursday and wish you all a very happy one at that! I hope you can stop and find the Little Things in your life that make this journey called motherhood totally worth it!