3 Helps for Learning the Spanish Alphabet

Our youngest child has taken an interest in learning Spanish this year. One of the first things we started out with was learning the Spanish alphabet. The Spanish alphabet is slightly different than our English alphabet and therefore is the foundation of learning the Spanish language. From young to old these are great resources for getting a solid start with learning the Spanish alphabet.

Learning the Spanish Alphabet from Starts At Eight

I should probably start by telling you that I do not speak any Spanish. I will be learning the Spanish alphabet and any other Spanish right along with our daughter.

Learning the Spanish Alphabet:

1. Pronunciation Chart (Free Printable)

One thing that I find important for me to learn a new language like this is to be able to both hear the words pronounced as well as to see them phonetically spelled out in terms of the English sounds. Therefore the first resource I created is a set of printable flash cards of the Spanish alphabet that have the Spanish letter as well as the word phonetically spelled out.

Click to get my Free Printable for Learning the Spanish Alphabet!

Ways to use this printable while learning the Spanish alphabet:

  • Print out and use as a quick reference guide to the alphabet and corresponding pronunciations.
  • Cut apart and use it as a matching game to match up the letters with their pronunciations.
  • Print two copies and play a memory matching game.
  • Simply use them as flashcards.

2. Hear Verbal Pronunciation

Along with being able to see the written word it helps to be able hear the correct pronunciations.  At 123teachme you can find a game called Click’N’Say Letters where you can see it written, and click on it to hear it pronounced correctly.  Using this to hear it, and then repeat it is a great way to be confident in the pronunciation of the Spanish alphabet.

3. The Spanish Alphabet Song

This video is one that my older daughter was exposed to by a friend of hers. While our younger daughter was working on the other methods of learning the alphabet found above, our older daughter brought this to our attention and explained that she felt this was a much easier method of learning the Spanish alphabet and the proper pronunciation of the letters.

Other Spanish Resources I Love: