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Homeschool Online Spanish Course with Vista Academy

Homeschool Online Spanish Course with Vista Academy

Teaching a language can be tricky when you are homeschooling. If you are not fluent in one yourself, finding a course that can teach your kids effectively is no simple task. You need something that will teach your children the basics as well as immerse your children in the language.

Homeschool Online Spanish Course with Vista Academy introduces vocabulary and grammar while simultaneously developing a students listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.  A review from Starts At Eight.

Why should you choose to teach a language?

Two of the main reasons we chose to have our high schoolers learn a language is because they make for good electives in high school and most colleges require 2-3 years of a foreign language.

Benefits of learning other languages:

  • boosts problem-solving
  • critical-thinking
  • listening skills
  • increased creativity
  • confidence booster

Homeschool Online Spanish Course with Vista Academy

Vista Academy Online Spanish Course for Homeschoolers

Vista Academy is a virtual world language school that provides an innovative learning environment with native speaker oversight and instruction.

{Disclosure: I received¬†access to Vista¬†Academy’s Inaugural fall 2021 Spanish courses for homeschooling students¬†for free and was compensated for my time in writing this review. However these are my honest opinions and I was not required to post a positive review. Please see my full¬†Disclosure Policy¬†for more details.}

Founded to revolutionize language learning VHL Central (the platform utilized for Vista Academy’s curriculum) was created specifically for online language learning, and is currently used by almost 2 million students around the world. In addition, over 6,000 educational institutions currently rely on VHL’s technology to deliver their fully online and/or hybrid courses. The platform keeps students academically engaged, challenged, and entertained.

Vista Academy’s curriculum is designed for beginning-level students with little or no previous knowledge of Spanish. Students are introduced to the vocabulary and grammar of the Spanish language while simultaneously developing their listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. 

Two Tracks to Choose From

Vista Academy offers two learning tracks.

There are two tracks to choose from to provide flexible learning for all students:

  1. ¡Olé!
  2. ¬°Bravo!

The foundation for both courses is the same:

  • high quality curriculum in an online setting that provides real-time feedback on your child‚Äôs performance
  • Both are flexible, innovative courses for homeschoolers to build skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Spanish
  • All classes are led by experienced, native-speaker teachers

The differences between ¡Olé! and ¡Bravo! are the degree of flexibility and autonomy offered in each.

The ¡Olé! learning track is completely asynchronous and self-paced. While the ¡Bravo! learning track is also self-paced, it requires two weekly 30-minute meetings via Zoom, in addition to other interactive partner work.

Regardless of which learning track students choose, a native speaker teacher will support the Vista Academy student every step of the way. 

==>> CLICK HERE To Learn More from the Vista Academy Website <<==

Things to LOVE about Vista’s Homeschool Online Spanish

We have been using Vista Academy’s inaugural fall 2021 Spanish courses for homeschooling students in our homeschool. I have to say I have yet to find a homeschool online Spanish course that is as comprehensive and immersive as this one!

1. Clear Learning Path for Students

In the Vista Academy inaugural fall 2021 Spanish course for homeschooling students the side navigation bar shows students the entire module so they can see exactly what they have finished, what comes next, and how much they have left to complete.

The Vista Academy platform is designed to optimize student-directed learning. It provides a clear organizational structure that contextualizes the learning experience for students.

Once students are in the program and have selected a module, there is left sidebar navigation for that entire module. Students can see everything that is expected of them and easily navigate backwards and forwards throughout that section of the course.

Large boxes with checkmarks indicate when something is complete. There is also a status indicator or each section marking it as In Progress if it has been started but not completed.

I love this because I don’t get 65 questions every day about what they are supposed to be completing next or where they left off from. Kids can easily see where they are, and can even go back and refresh their memories on previous content if it’s been awhile. (It’s cool that when marked complete, it doesn’t disappear.)

2. Immersion Based Learning

Vista Academy Spanish Vocabulary/Phrase Matching Activity

From the very first vocabulary lesson students are hearing and seeing the Spanish words on the screen along with contextual photos.

This is amazing because it engages so many aspects of learning and using a new language. Plus including contextual photos helps give clues to help students pair the Spanish words to their English meanings. Making it easier for them to form connections in their head.

3. Access to Native Speaking Teachers

While you can listen to someone speak the language to you, rarely is it true to the language unless you have a native speaker to listen to.

I love that Vista Academy keeps students connected to native speaking teachers so they can fully immerse and learn for those that are truly fluent in the language.

You will find your student listening to and engaging with native speakers throughout the course, in everything from the video scenarios they watch to the interactive dialogue they listen to and then record their responses to each question they are asked. (SEE PHOTO ABOVE)

4. Vocabulary Flashcards

Vista Academy Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards

While it’s not an incorporated part of the immersion program, vocabulary lists that includes the Spanish word or phrase alongside the English translation are included for each section.

Along with this students can choose the Flashcard Tab and get online interactive flashcards right there within the program for the section(s) they have selected.

This is an important feature in my opinion because it is another way for students to see and hear the words/phrases to help cement them in their minds.

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