Elementary Homeschool Curriculum

It’s that time of year again! Yes the big Back to Homeschool time has arrived and my fellow iHomeschool Network Bloggers (along with myself) are hosting our annual Back to Homeschool Basket Giveaways! I am pleased to be offering an Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Giveaway that is full of some top name curriculum brands and retails for over $230!

Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Giveaway from Starts At Eight
I am proud to say that we have used each and every one of the items in this basket (well, not these specific copies because the ones in this basket are brand new!). In this Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Basket Giveaway I have included science, history, art, writing, and even reading!

Elementary Homeschool Curriculum

1. WriteShop

Included in this giveaway is WriteShop Junior Book D


This includes 3 items:

  1. Activity pack – This Activity Pack contains two important components your child will need to complete portions of each lesson: Student Worksheet Pack and Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack. This is not a stand-alone product. Worksheet instructions are found in the Book D Teacher’s Guide.
  2. Time Saver pack – Cut your advance prep time! Instead of making your own game cards, spinners, and other tools to teach creative writing, you’ll appreciate the Time-Saver Pack’s sturdy, ready-made props for many Book D activities.
  3. Teacher’s Guide – WriteShop Junior teaches students to write and publish fiction, nonfiction, poems, and short reports using a variety of pre-writing games, graphic organizers, and kid-approved self-editing tools. Whether you have a reluctant writer or a more advanced child, this program offers flexible options so students can work at their own level.

Bought together, all these items retail for $106.85

{Many thanks to WriteShop for supplying these books as a part of this giveaway!}

2. Apologia Science – Young Explorers Series

Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

Introduce your children to the fascinating world of chemistry and physics! The activities and projects in the Young Exploresrs Series – Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics are sure to delight and inspire your young minds. They’ll begin by exploring the basic building blocks of creation, atoms and molecules, and then journey through simple chemicals, the laws of motion, and energy in its many forms, before discovering concepts of electricity and magnetism. Along the way, your students will make their own bouncy ball, formulate a smoke bomb, build a solar oven, construct a working periscope, fashion a miniature motor, and create a lava lamp!

This includes 2 items:

These books have a combined retail value of $60.

3. Homeschool In The Woods

Elections cover

With this being an election year we have looked to take full advantage of all the learning and resources available. I have loved using the Hands-On History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections with my elementary aged child.

Introduce your child to the United States presidential elections process through hands-on activities! This Lap-Pak will take your child briefly through the establishment of our country’s government, and through the various aspects of a presidential campaign and how we choose a president.

Home School In The Woods U.S. Elections Lap-Pak

Download $18.95, Cd $19.95

{Many thanks to Homeschool in the Woods for supplying Hands-On History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections as a part of this giveaway!}

4. Dover History Coloring Books

Dover Coloring Books

These Dover Publishers coloring books are a fun add in supplement to any elections study!

Learn about our U.S. PresidentsFirst Ladies, and the White House with these fun fact filled coloring books!

These books have a combined retail value of around $15.

Check out more hands on fun from Dover and learn how we used these books and others to explore the world of American Presidents!

Hands On Fun With American Presidents & The White House from Starts At Eight

5. Online Unit Studies from Techie Homeschool Mom

I am so super excited about this online class! This is one of the art resources we will be using this year as part of our 2016-2017 Homeschool Curriculum for both my 5th and 8th grade children. Be looking out for my upcoming review on this one to get a sneak peek at one of the art creations done in this class!

Study the lives and styles of 10 famous artists

Apply what you learn by creating your own masterpieces. Curate an online art gallery exhibit for each artist.

Modules in the Famous Artists Vol. 1 study:

  1. What is art?
  2. Leonardo Davinci: Renaissance
  3. John James Audubon: Realism
  4. Claude Monet: Impressionism
  5. Paul Cezanne: Post-Impressionism
  6. Georges Seurat: Pointillism
  7. Gustav Klimt: Art Nouveau
  8. Henri Matisse: Fauvism
  9. Wassily Kandinsky: Expressionism
  10. Pablo Picasso: Cubism
  11. Salvador Dali: Surrealism

Check out Other Techie Homeschool Mom Online Unit Studies such as Solar System, Ancient Egypt, The Olympics, All About Elections and more!

This Online Unit Study has a retail value of $25.

{Many thanks to Techie Homeschool Mom for supplying Famous Artists Volume 1 Online Unit Study as a part of this giveaway!}

6. Give Your Child the World

Featuring a carefully curated reading treasury of the best children’s literature for each area of the globe, as well as practical parenting suggestions and inspiration, Give Your Child the World helps moms and dads raise insightful, compassionate kids who fall in love with the world and are prepared to change it for good.

Give Your Child the World contains over 600 children’s book recommendations from around the world. They are organized by region, country, and age range (4-12). Each listing includes a brief description of the book and its themes as well as any content of which parents should be aware. Also included are 4 different indexes that sort the books by author, title, country, and historical time period.

Give Your Child the World