Easy Healthy Homemade Snacks for Studying Kids

Many parents will tell you how difficult it can be to get children to focus on studying, especially when they’re hungry or their energy levels are low. Their focus tends to wander, they get bored, and then their mind wanders or they start doing something else.

Easy Healthy Homemade Snacks for Studying Kids from Starts At Eight

Some parents try giving them snacks but depending on what you give them that can only make the problem worse, especially if it’s things like sweets or carbonated drinks. Although their energy levels will go into overdrive, their concentration span will plummet as they try to sit but are antsy and  fidgety instead.

With that in mind we’ve come up with a couple of healthy snack ideas to make at home which will ensure your kids have a constant energy supply to burn through to keep them focused and stop them from wandering off to do other activities while on break between study sessions.

Healthy Homemade Snacks

1. Banana Dog Bites

These nutritious snacks are cheap and quick to make since you’re just rolling a banana in a wheat flour tortilla that’s been smeared in Peanut Butter before you slice it up into bite-size chunks.

Healthy Homemade Snacks: Banana Dog Bites from Starts At Eight

Not only is it easy to make but the peanut butter is a nice reward (as well as a great source of protein) and the potassium in the bananas helps with concentration levels.

2. Apple Sandwiches with Granola & Almond Butter

If your kids are studying away from home (like studying on the run to sporting events) and want something a bit more substantial than chunks of banana you could try making Apple Sandwiches with Granola and Almond Butter.

This light meal is perfect for kids who’ve already got a bag full of books and don’t want to add any extra weight. It’s pretty simple to make as all you have to do is slice an apple into horizontal segments and spread out your almond butter and granola in between the segments to create a sandwich.

Healthy Homemade Snacks: Apple Sandwiches with Granola & Almond Butter from Starts At Eight

You don’t have to stick to almond and granola; you can fill it with anything from peanut butter and chocolate to jam and berries.

3. Frozen Fruit and Yogurt

Speaking of berries, if you’re looking to give your kids a sweet and above all else healthy reward for studying hard you could try making frozen berries in yogurt. Not only is this an exciting treat for your children that also makes a handy snack it also encourages them to eat fruit, something they might not have normally done on their own.

Healthy Homemade Snacks: Frozen Fruit & Yogurt from Starts At Eight

For this example we used blueberries, but this works with pretty much any kind of fruit from strawberries to even raspberries. You could also try mixing it up by using an assortment of frozen fruits or even different flavors of frozen yogurt, although you may want to test a few flavors out first as some of them don’t mix particularly well.

4. Pumpkin Seeds

Finally on our healthy snack list are toasted pumpkin seeds. These little guys are loaded to the gills with zinc which helps boost memory so it’s ideal for anyone who’s having problems remembering dates or other information for an upcoming test.

Healthy Homemade Snacks: Pumpkin Seeds from Starts At Eight

Pumpkin seeds are a great choice for mid-study session snacks as you can prepare them in a number of different ways and present them with various seasonings and dips to add a little spice to your snacks. Plus they’re relatively cheap to buy so they’re ideal for a family on a budget.

These are just a few healthy snacks that you can try to help boost your children’s studying performance, there are lots of other options available to make.  So why not try mixing a few of these in to your kid’s daily meals and snack times and watch to see the positive impact it could have on them!

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