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14 Character Books for Valentine’s Day

14 Character Books for Valentine’s Day

14 Character Books for Valentine's Day from Starts At Eight

When I sat down to create a list of books for Valentine’s Day for this year, I was reminded of all the characters my children have loved throughout the years. Our kids become fixated with a character, their theme song, show, toys, and more. We buy Valentine’s Day cards with characters on them, and candy in the shape of them! Therefore in honor of the many characters that our children will love throughout their growing years, I have created a list of 14 Character Books for Valentine’s Day.

    1. Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool – Pete the Cat thinks Valentine’s Day isn’t cool . . . until he realizes how many special cats there are in his life! Pete works hard to make valentines for everyone, and it turns out to be the grooviest Valentine’s Day ever. But what happens when he realizes he’s forgotten to make a card for a very important cat? Join Pete the Cat as he discovers just how special Valentine’s Day can be!
    2. Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George – George and his friends celebrate Valentine’s Day with decorating, baking, card making and some unexpected hilarity along the way! Just how much mischief can a curious little monkey get into when balloons, frosting, and glitter are involved?
    3. My Fuzzy Valentine (Sesame Street) – It’s Valentine’s Day and Elmo has received an anonymous valentine. Who could have sent it? He checks with all of his friends and finds the answer right back where he started looking—at home!
    4. Doc McStuffins: My Huggy Valentine – Valentine’s Day is Lambie’s favorite holiday! She has worked hard decorating the clinic and planning activities for the party, and she can’t wait to share it with Doc. But when Doc gets Val, a stuffed heart toy, as a Valentine’s Day gift, Lambie is afraid that she has been replaced in Doc’s heart. This sweet story teaches kids about love and friendship.
    5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:  Minnie’s Valentine – Love is in the air at the Clubhouse, but Mickey has no idea what to get Minnie for Valentine’s Day. Minnie goes undercover, using a disguise to teach Mickey how to make a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift.
    6. Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart – Fancy Nancy loves Valentine’s Day. Everything about Valentine’s Day is fancy! Even better, Fancy Nancy has a Valentine’s mystery to solve! Who sent her the mysterious valentine? Can she track down the clues?
    7. Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine – Amelia Bedelia is sure she will love everything about Valentine’s Day: the sweet surprises; cards to give and receive; a party at school; a big, long family hug. Amelia Bedelia can’t wait. What could be better? Valentine’s Day! Hooray for Valentine’s Day!
    8. Thomas in Town: Valentine’s Day in Vicarstown – Vicarstown Iis a big town with a big station and all the local children who love Thomas have arranged a Valentine’s Day party for all the engines. Percy is very excited, but when a big blizzard hits Sodor, will they still have the party? This simple story highlights customs and traditions of a popular holiday saluting friendship, and deals with issues that children experience all year round, not just on February 14th.
    9. The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine Party – Join the Berenstain Bears on their latest lift-the-flap adventure! It is Valentine’s Day at the Bear Country School, and Teacher Jane’s class is having a party! Join Sister Bear and her friends as they share lots of special messages. Who will get the most valentines?
    10. Star Wars: A Very Vader Valentine’s Day – An quirky Valentine’s-themed activity book filled with Star Wars comics, games, and thirty-two perforated Valentine cards! A funny and quirky take on Valentine’s Day . . . Star Wars style! Includes sixteen pages of jokes, comics, activities, and mini-bios about famous Star Wars friendships. And when you’re done, tear out the thirty-two perforated Valentine’s Day cards to share with your friends and loved ones: “You R2 Good to Me!”
    11. Valentine’s Day Mix-Up (Strawberry Shortcake) – Strawberry Shortcake and all her friends are planning to have a berry special Valentine’s Day. But when the mail arrives on Valentine’s Day, Strawberry doesn’t get a single card. Did all her friends forget about her? This friendship-themed storybook comes with sparkly valentine cards.
    12. My Little Pony: Hearts and Hooves – In this Level 1 reader, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are so excited to celebrate Hearts and Hooves day! They go on a mission to find a special Valentine for their teacher, Cheerilee, but soon realize they are in big trouble when their love potion spell misfires!
    13. Dora Loves Boots – It’s Valentine’s Day, and Dora and Boots are looking for the perfect presents to give each when they meet at Rainbow Rock. Dora has to fend off Swiper the fox while Boots figures out how to get past the Rosy Red Crabs. Dora Loves Boots teaches problem solving, map reading, and counting in Spanish. (Ages 2 to 5)
    14. Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts – Pinkalicious loves Valentine’s Day! Everyone in her class is assigned to make an extra-special Valentine’s Day card for one person in the class. Pinkalicious creates a magnificently pinkerrific card. Will the valentine that she gets in return measure up?

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