A Bug/Insect Unit Using Eric Carle Books ~ The Very Busy Spider

Last week I shared The Grouchy Ladybug portion of our Bug/Insect Unit Study. As we continue with our Bug/Insect Unit we enter the world of spiders, beginning with reading The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.

A Bug/Insect Unit Using Eric Carle Books: The Very Busy Spider from Starts At Eight

Spider Facts:

  1. All spiders have 8 legs
  2. All spiders make silk in their bodies which is used to spin webs
  3. All spiders have 2 body parts
  4. Most spiders are NOT poisonous
  5. Spiders are not actually insects, they are arachnids
  6. Spiders hatch from eggs, and just know how to spin their webs

Very Busy Spider Internet Resources:

      1. The Very Busy Spider lapbook

        1. You can find more spider poetry here
        2. FREE Spider Related Preschool Printables
        3.  Listen to Raffi’s Spider on the Floor
        4. Activities to go with The Very Busy Spider
        5. Watch Magic School Bus Spins a Web
        6. Coloring Sheet
        7. For more in-depth insect studies check out this Amanda Bennett Download N Go™ One-Week Unit Study/Lapbook for Grades K – 4:



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