Review: KidCoder ~ Windows Programming

I have had the opportunity to review a product that I believe to be very rare. When I first saw an ad for Homeschool Programming I stopped to look because I had never seen a computer programming curriculum for kids.

Here are a few things that stood out to me right away:

*Only basic familiarity with using a keyboard and mouse to select and run programs, navigate application menu systems, and generally interact with your operating system are needed to begin. Along with being able to save and retrieve files.
*There is no prior computer programming experience needed (even from the supervising adult).
*The lectures are in video format using images of the actual program you are learning in (in our case Visual Basic).
*There are no online subscriptions or time limits so you can truly run this program at your own pace, and with multiple children in your home without having to get more workbooks or permissions for more uses.

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