4 Year High School Plan ~ Free Spreadsheet Printable

In working out my curriculum plans for Chloe this year, I needed to work out more than just one year. I needed to have a 4 year high school plan that I could visibly see and work with. Planning for high school and college really ups the anti when it comes to what you need to do and know!  I created this Excel Spreadsheet to plan out her high school credits over the 4 years.  It includes the credits that are required by the NYS regulations as well as a typical college bound course of study including electives.  (Simply click on the image to view a larger version of it!)

4 Year High School Plan

4 Year High School Planner/Spreadsheet

You can see my plan above, but I took it one step further, I have created an Excel document titled 4YearHSPlan that can be totally customized by you, for your needs/subjects.  You can fill it all in, save it, and print it.  If you love it please share this post with others so they can come and use it. 🙂

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