Write Well with the WriteWell Writing App

Having been a homeschool mom for more than a decade I can honestly say that writing can be a difficult subject to work with. It is a subject, like math, that often causes angst in our household. Helping kids to find a flow to their writing, and to use more intricate wording can be time consuming and frustrating. What if there was something that could guide your children in many styles of writing? I have had the opportunity to use something that does just that!

Write Well with the WriteWell Writing App from Starts At Eight

The WriteWell App is a web based tool designed to help kids through the writing process. {Disclosure: I received this product for free and was compensated for my time in writing this review. All my opinions are my own, honest thoughts and I was not required to post a positive review. Your experience may vary. Please see my full Disclosure Policy for more details.} What’s more? It has writing tools for elementary, middle, and high school!

The WriteWell Writing App

I have three children at home; one is elementary age, one in middle school, and one in high school. I was thrilled to find that the WriteWell Writing App offers options for all three levels! (As well as College and Blog writing too!)

WriteWell Writing App - Elementary

Elementary Writing Includes:

  • Autobiography
  • Short Story
  • Historical Figure Biograpy
  • Compare and Contrast Essay
  • Science Lab Report
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Literature Response
  • Book Report – Literature
  • Book Report Non-Fiction
  • Book Report Biography

WriteWell Writing App - Middle School

Middle School Writing Includes:

  • 5 Paragraph Essay
  • Autobiography/Personal Narrative
  • Short Story
  • Point of View Essay
  • Science Lab Report
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Book Report – Literature
  • Argumentative Essay

WriteWell Writing App - High School

High School Writing Includes:

  • 5 Part Essay
  • Personal Narrative
  • Short Story
  • Project Proposal
  • News Article
  • Historical Even-Cause and Effect
  • Science Lab Report

This means that I can purchase one product, one time, pay one price, and have all my children be able to use it!

The WriteWell Writing App Plans

  • The Basic Plan is free forever. It is ideal for users that quickly want to take WriteWell for a spin. Within two clicks a user can enter the app and access over 40 interactive writing templates. Users can create a maximum of 2 documents with this plan
  • The Group Plan is ideal for homeschool families with several children in the household. The Group Plan allows a parent to add up to 5 users. Each child gets a dedicated access account to access writing templates and create an unlimited number of documents. The Group plan comes in monthly and yearly payment options.


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What’s So Great About The WriteWell Writing App?

I already told you how WriteWell has options for a wide range of ages, which is totally awesome! But what about how it actually works and why it is so helpful?

  1. The WriteWell Writing App walks kids though each step of the writing process. They do this by writing in “chunks”. For instance in the Elementary Short Story there are 7 chunks from Introduction, to Conflict, Resolution and Conclusion. Within each chunk are things to help with writing that section such as Prompts – questions for you to answer within that section or ideas for what to include,  Useful Words that could be used in that section, and Sample Sentences.WriteWell Writing App  - Chunks
  2. A section for recording sources. This helps to keep all your material in one place. No more trying to remember or figure out what sources you used for your research.
  3. The ability to move sections around. Don’t like the order the chunks are in? You can easily move them around in a different order to suit your needs.
  4. Kids can use WriteWell for assignments they have been given from any teacher. Need to write a book report for history? You can use WriteWell. Need to write a persuasive essay for your high school English class? No problem. You can use WriteWell to help you!
  5. Printing and Saving – Not only can you save your writing within WriteWell but you can export it too. Export into Word, as a PDF, or into Google Drive. After exporting you can easily print your work.WriteWell Writing App - Book Report

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