Where in the World – Fun with Geography

Did you ever read something in a book, or hear something on the news and think to yourself, “Where in the world is that?” Geography is an important piece not just to history study but to many other aspects in our lives. Knowing where things are can help paint a picture of the climate, terrain, etc.

Where in the World? Fun with Geography from Starts At Eight

This year in our homeschool we are studying world geography. With that we have chosen to take a more pen to paper approach by creating maps of all kinds (physical, population, climate, political). Beyond just filling in maps we have been using the lists of places to locate from my teens North Star Geography and making a game out of them.

Where in the World?

The North Star Geography curriculum is broken down by continent, and for each continent there are countries, cities, bodies of water, mountains, regions, other landmarks and more.  As my teen is working her way through the curriculum she is creating cards for things to locate on the map.

For instance she might have Where in the World? cards that say:

  • Arctic Circle
  • Liechtenstein
  • Carpathian Mountains
  • New York City
  • Lake Superior
  • Angel Falls
  • Atacama Desert
  • Suez Canal
  • and so many more!

I created an index card sized printable for our Where in the World? Game. It is easily printable on card stock, and then cut out to create the cards. (simply right click on the image and “save as”)

Where in the World Printable Geography Cards from Starts At Eight

Then your student can keep a stack of the cards to write down various places to locate. I wouldn’t recommended they try and write every single item down that they map. Instead they could pick a certain number of each type of item, or a certain number from each lesson overall, or a handful that they didn’t know or found interesting.

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